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Alternate universe discovered where the Dominion won the war

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MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After a trip through a rare space-time anomaly, the USS Invicta found itself in an alternate reality where the Dominion War had ended in the Federation’s defeat.

“It’s a pretty terrifying thought,” said Professor Marius Stana of the University of Alpha Centauri. “Every historian this side of the galaxy, not to mention a tactician or two I’m sure, can’t wait to pour over the data once it’s released to see why the outcome was so different in this other universe.”

The Invicta had begun investigating the stellar anomaly, a quantum fissure, when the ship was suddenly pulled through it. The quantum fissure acted as a keyhole into another quantum reality, in this case, one in which the Dominion and her allies were victorious. With the core Federation worlds either decimated or firmly under Dominion rule and Starfleet destroyed, only a handful of ships remained in pockets of Federation resistance scattered across the galaxy.

The Invicta soon encountered one of these resistance vessels, the Defiant class USS Ronin-A, a ship that had yet to exist back in the prime universe. The Ronin, commanded by an alternate version of the Invicta’s Doctor Saveron, was in the middle of a battle with the Jem’Hadar when the Invicta appeared. The two ships quickly teamed up to defeat the Jem’Hadar and then worked together to figure out what exactly had happened.

The Ronin and Invicta returned to the Federation resistance’s base of operations, the Menthar Anchorage, which was also home to various refugees the resistance had managed to save. As Captain Kells and the Invicta crew tried to figure out how to get back, a question soon came up of whether or not the Ronin should be brought back with the Invicta. Though Captain Kells was reluctant to do so, Captain Saveron of the Ronin made the condition binding if the Invicta were to use the Ronin’s help in sealing the quantum fissure that threatened to collapse and destroy the entire region if not the galaxy and beyond once the barrier between quantum realities was broken.

The Dominion and Cardassians in the alternate universe soon learned of the appearance of the Invicta and moved to intercept her and the Ronin. As the two Federation ships attempted to use their warp fields to seal the fissure, the Dominion attacked, but they were too late. Once the Invicta reappeared back in the prime reality, however, they discovered that the Ronin had not arrived back with them, seemingly having remained behind.

“You don’t often get a chance to live through a ‘what if’ scenario of history,” said Crewman Second Class Priya Uddin, an engineer aboard the Invicta. “My father never really told me any of his old war stories from back when he was serving during those times, but seeing what could have happened if we’d lost makes me appreciate even more the fight he and the rest of his brothers and sisters in arms gave for our freedom.”

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