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JP Captain Saveron (alt) & Dr. Moonsong (alt): Epilogue

Alora DeVeau

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((Bridge, USS Ronin-A, Menthar Anchorage, Universe #14762))
::The shock had been palpable. The normally ragged and unruly crew of the USS Ronin-A had been quiet and businesslike on the journey away from what was now a boringly normal patch of space. Shockingly normal. No USS Invicta, no Legate Prianna and her fleet of Cardassian warships, just the Ronin. The tension in the air had been palpable until they received the signal from the first of the hidden asteroid sensors. Either they were a common way of eavesdropping on space traffic, or they were still in their own universe.::
::It meant that they had not managed to progress through to the far more peaceful universe of the Invicta, but neither had they been destroyed nor ended up somewhere else entirely. Reversing their previous course heading for want of an alternative direction, they had found the Menthar Anchorage not only intact, but populated. The mixture of confusion, shock, joy and relief had been palpable, and the Ronin had all but emptied once the docking doors had opened.::
::Not entirely however. The ship was in far better shape than she had been in months, but there was still the odd engineer working on her overworked warp core. And, the statue-still figure of her Captain, sitting alone on the bridge. The crew knew to stay out of his way when he was in a pensive mood.::
::Well, most of the crew. Raissa having remained on the ship, walked to stand by his chair. With him seated it was the only time she could look down at him.::
Moonsong (alt): So it didn’t work.
::There was a moment's silence before he answered.::
Saveron (alt): You are correct; we were unable to traverse the phenomenon. ::He acknowledged in a tone that gave nothing away.:: However, many questions remain.
Moonsong (alt): Such as?
Saveron (alt): Where is Legate Prianna and her fleet? How is it that those aboard the Invicta are returned to the Anchorage?
::Well, most of them. He suspected that if Roshanara Shandres was ever presented with the opportunity to kill him, she would take it.::
Moonsong (alt): Maybe because that is where they belonged.
Saveron (alt): One might almost begin to suspect the intervention of something more directed that mere probability.
::Something conscious and casually malevolent.::
Moonsong (alt): Maybe all that quantum babble your pet scientists like mean that we are where we are supposed to be, Sav. ::pause:: And maybe you were wrong to try and force the issue.
::He looked at her sidelong, narrow grey eyes watching her face, pondering the true meaning behind her words.::
Saveron (alt): Perhaps, if you believe in fate and predestination. ::He said at last. Such was illogical, but he knew that people had to believe in something.::
Moonsong (alt): No… I believe this is where we belong… as awful as it sometimes is.. this universe is our home…
::It wasn’t a belief that Saveron would normally have entertained, but the fact remained that they had not been able to pass into the Invicta’s universe. None of them, with the exception of Tasnim Shandres, who by all accounts did not exist on that side.::
::But if they did belong there then to what end? To die messily like those who had gone before them? Yet they had not, when other ships had been lost. What was the point of all their trials?::
Saveron (alt): So it would appear. ::He allowed at last.::
::It was unlike the Vulcan to give an inch, but if anyone could push him it was Raissa.::
Moonsong (alt): And by the way, Alora really is back.
Saveron (alt): No doubt the crew will be pleased. ::He said blandly, then paused before continuing.:: They took her death harder than anticipated. The appearance of her alternate was greeted as that of a ghost.
::He spoke slowly, as though his mind and attention were elsewhere.::
Moonsong (alt): They are pleased… She was missed.
::He looked across the bridge at the viewscreen, currently showing the starscape afforded by one of the station’s sensors. After a moment he rose to his feet, walked a few steps closer, then turned and walked back to stand in front of his chair. A diversionary behaviour. He looked down at her, saviour of so many lives and perhaps the only member of the crew who truly got under his skin.::
Saveron (alt): This situation presented ideas and viewpoints none of us would have considered before now. ::He acknowledged.::
Moonsong (alt): Also true…

::She took a deep breath as she looked up at him. Her eyes searching his face. Searching for something she had seen before. Something she had caught a glimpse of in the eyes of his alternate.::

Moonsong (alt): You know I met them… the other you and me...

Saveron(alt): Indeed? ::His curiosity was piqued in spite of himself.:: And did they represent all that was good and wholesome in their universe? ::He asked acerbically.::

Moonsong (alt): That’s rude.

::She frowned slightly as her eyes searched his.::

Moonsong (alt): He was a skilled doctor...Calm, peaceful, aware… like you used to be. And she… ::she suppressed a shudder:: Something happened to her. She’s a T6 telepath. She caught out Mei’s listening device in a moment. Among other things...

::That was… unexpected. Raissa’s empathic abilities had always been useful, but the prospect of a T6 - as sensitive as himself but without the ability to not sense. Useful for the crew, damaging for the individual. Had it been anyone else, he might have been intrigued by the possibilities.::

::As for himself, he’d left behind medicine when he’d left his old life on Vulcan. Care and empathy had done nothing to forestall the implosion of all that he held dear, long before the Dominion had arrived.::

Saveron(alt): A useful talent, but difficult to live with. ::He said at last.:: And if I had remained a doctor on Vulcan I would be dead, along with my kin. ::And perhaps all those aboard this ship.::

::He looked into the middle distance, still considering their previous line of conversation.::

Saveron(alt): Yet...If this is our home, ::he began, a little less sharply,:: and we have a purpose here, what is it Ris? I cannot accept that it is to die messily as the Federation’s last gasp. I will not accept it.

::As he had not, since fate had brought them to this accursed patch of space.::

::Raissa’s mouth trembled slightly with suppressed emotion.::

Moonsong: (alt): I don’t know… Alora is always telling me not to give up hope…

::She finally looked away from him. She tried to focus on what he considered important.::

Moonsong (alt): But with the Cardassians gone in the rift… Then maybe….

Saveron(alt): Maybe we have the advantage? ::It was what she expected him to say, he knew.:: One notes that the Legate’s fleet does not appear to have survived the closing of the rift.

::Which meant that he spied an opportunity. Without Prianna’s ships and leadership this section of space was vulnerable. They could take the Piktar system, claim a significant tactical advantage as well as the military resources there. They could bring in other resistance fighters and their ships, carve out a base of operations and really begin to take back some of the local space. Perhaps they could even push towards the wormhole…::

::He looked down at Raissa, who still wasn’t meeting his gaze. She looked… tired. Sad. … like you used to be... Were those words wistful?::

::In a gesture rare these days he set his hands on her shoulders.::

Saveron (alt): Or maybe we have room to breath. ::He said quietly, long fingers moving to her chin, lifting her face to look at him, a whisper of thought with that touch.:: oO Perhaps we all deserve a chance to rest; a chance to remember what we’re fighting for. Oo

::For there were times, when things were most grim, that he had not admitted anything beyond the fight for survival.::

:: Her eyes rose to meet his, startled. They had been fighting and running for so long it had been a long time since he had touched her in any way. And to feel his thoughts… Warm instead of the cold wall he kept up that allowed him to focus and keep them all alive against all odds. She swallowed as she trembled under his touch. Her voice was no more than a whisper.::

Moonsong (alt): They gave us a chance, Sav… To breathe… to remember…

::She was right. So often she was right, and he could not admit it. The Romulan understood; show no weakness. This woman was his. She faced down his anger and got through his guard in a way no one else ever had, the voice of reason to his fierce determination. And she was right.::

Saveron (alt): oO That they did. Oo

::He leaned forward, head lowered, and their lips met; at first a brief touch and then more fervent, as he pulled her into his arms. How could he have forgotten?::


Turn your face

Towards the sun

Let the shadows fall behind you

Don’t look back

Just carry on

And the shadows will never find you


A JP by

Dr. Raissa Moonsong

Chief Medical Officer

USS Ronin-A



Captain Saveron

Commanding Officer

USS Ronin-A

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