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Introducing badges!

StarBase 118 Staff

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The Captains Council is proud to introduce a whole new reward system for our community: Badges!

Badges are similar to our Community Awards in that they are awarded for out-of-character (OOC) participation and achievement. However, while Community Awards are bestowed on a yearly basis in December to recognize long-term achievement and outstanding performance among a peer-group, badges are reserved for incremental achievements or singular contest wins.

Players can receive more than one badge at a time, and can also receive a badge multiple times through enhancements – a marker on the wiki that denotes repeated achievement. Similar to the star system used on the service ribbons, a gold tip represents each repeated citation, and a silver tip represents five additional citations (and therefore five gold tips).

We’ve launched with 18 badges, however more will be announced over the coming weeks.

Check out the new badges page on the wiki for more information about how to receive badges, how to display them on your wiki bio, and the list of all the available badges.

Have questions about badges? Check out this thread on the forums.

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