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The Awesome Title Thread

Sal Taybrim

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MSNPC Bartholomew Martantathru -Don't Hit Me or I'll Complain

Can he get any more annoying?  Or hittable?  ;-)

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14 hours ago, Mirra Ezo said:

Why does every assume she's scary?!?! Ooooh....right. :ermm:

Because we can feel that look and hear that tapping foot from forty decks away......?  :D

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1 hour ago, Arturo Maxwell said:

Because we can feel that look and hear that tapping foot from forty decks away......?  :D

Forty decks? Try forty light years!

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Just now, Trellis Vondaryan said:

I'm on a completely different ship in a completely unexplored area of the galaxy, much more than 40 light years away, and I still fear Mirra. :excl:o:)

Well if you people would stop unnecessarily hurting yourselves/losing visibility you wouldn't HAVE to fear the Mirra! :P

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PNPC Tulo-Varr: Enjoys Castration, Muzzling And Threatening Slaves, Seeks Compatible Mate

Dude, you are going to be lonely for a long while....I hope....::shudders:: 

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