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The Awesome Title Thread

Sal Taybrim

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She is lots of fun to interact with!


I mean for the writers...  ::coughcough::  The characters... well, they'll deal.  ;-)

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Lt. Commander: "Wooden Spoon"

I don't remember seeing LtCmdr Wooden Spoon on the manifest. Is there something I missed?

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12 minutes ago, Mirra Ezo said:

This and the ENTIRE post that followed. How did Uhura do it?!?

This was what I was just about to post! I found the whole sim quite amusing.


::The ear thingy was smooth, cool metal.  HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY BE ITCHY!:: ...

::Okay.  Ear thingy was back in place, this time with a lot less fuss.  Maybe now it would…  WHY IS IT SHARP?!:: ...

Falcon: oO Oh, come on!  Another puzzle just to see the MAP? Oo


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