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The Awesome Title Thread

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Not saying THIS thread has an awesome title, but a place for us to commemorate those sim titles which stand above the rest. B)

I'll start it off with Lt. Peters: "Peters. Not Scotty."

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Lieutenant "Something About Risians" <-- This is what happens when you forget to include your surname in the post title.

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Lt Commander Anders: "Pug Pot Pie"

So wrong. So funny!

I heard that in Vietnam, dogs are considered a delicacy. Not that I'm saying I've ever tried it, but I won't judge.

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Lt Peters: "Richard Fracking Matthews"

Lt Commander Anders: "Kissing Sal Taybrim"

By reading titles alone one gets quite a strange impression of Ops... >.>

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Also, from LtC Whittaker: "Sass"

Followed by "Sassback"

I though we weren't supposed to sass back... ;-)

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Not one of the exhaustive list of tribble-titles, but worth a mention nonetheless:

Lt JG Trellis Vondaryan -- Making a Scan, Checking It Twice

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And, to this point, here is the Tribble title list:

Dr. Liani, The Terrible Trouble with Tribles is-

Commander Taybrim - Terrible Tribble Terror

Lt. Commander Whittaker: Tribble In Paradise

LtJG Mirra Ezo and LtJG Antero Flynn - Tribble in Paradise

Lt. (j.g.) Rocko Stevens " Tribbles, Tribbles and oh my more Tribbles"

Dr. Liani, Tribbles of War

1st Lt Raisillius -- Like Shooting Tribbles In A Convention Centre

Lt JG Peters: Operation: Containment Tribble

PNPC Lt. Cmdr Ian West - Squishing No Less Than a Dozen Tribbles

Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker "I Knew You Were Tribble"

MCapt Tatash: "Tremendously Toxic Tribble Torment"

Commander Taybrim - Tribbling Times

Dr. Liani, Waltzing Ma'tribbles

MCapt Tatash: "Trials and Tribblations"

MSNPC Dorfmann - The Tribble Starts

Honorable mentions:

MCapt Tatash: "Trib...Nah i'm out. Theo took the good ones"

PNPC Lt. Cmdr Ian West - Please remember to have your pets spayed of neutered

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