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Lt JG Rustyy Hael -I’s’a gots an idea.

Sal Taybrim

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(( Earth - By The Docks - Shanghai ))

:; Rustyy considered his options, not that he would have much control over where he was put. The lady in charge was in charge of that. He would liked to have gone off and play on the boats, not that he would have gotten much accomplished. Ship and boat engines of this era was just too much to pass up! His lips moved of their own accord while he thought of the expensive engines and the excuses he could come up with to keep them. But apparently the head of security had other plans for the smelly chief engineer. ::

Sinda: Alright. Mr Hael, no offense but you have the stealth capabilities of a Betazoid bride. Plus you need clothes more than any of us and know what this tug runs off.

:: Rustyy inhaled sharply, had it get caught in his throat and choked, trying to breath. What did she just say?!? He was no Betaziod bride, stark naked and prancing down some else in front of waaaaaay to many people. ::


:: Of course he couldn't stop and make that imagination a good one, of some pretty gal in that position. Oh no, it was like that nightmare of going to school in your underwear. Look down... Lookup... Check again... Pause... Scowl. He crossed his arms and pouted. If he didn’t know that the woman in front of him could kill him in a heartbeat he would have protested. But dieing in the 1914 wasn’t on his list of way he wanted to go out. ::

Hael: Oh tay, boss lady you got’s it.

Sinda: Williams, I know you have the training, but given your current disguise, I think your capture poses the greatest risk to current events. An Army officer caught stealing would generate the most attention by far, but the added authority it gives you might help in buying goods.

Williams: aye That makes sense commander.

Sinda: Foster and I have the best chance at remaining undetected.

:: Oh she wasn’t fooling anyone! She wanted to sneak about and play just like Rustyy. And he knew it. Well not actually, but the childish mind he was blessed with was convinced of it. And now he had to go back into town to get clean cloths. If he was caught what was he supposed to do? “Hey guys sorry about all that, can we do a redo? By the way I need cloths.” Yeah that sounded like a good plan… ::

:: oO Wait a minute! Oo Him and Williams would have to do some James Bond, master of disguise stuff too. Because Rustyy had no intention of getting caught. ::

Foster: I have, with me, an array of hyposprays that will handily make people very sleepy and a rash of other interesting things, a selection of lovely medicines and drugs with, again, a wide variety of effects, and a laser scalpel. What about you guys?

Hael: I’s’a gots a few tools. Only what’ll fit in my pockets though. Like’a handy-dandy soldering iron and a few other things.

Foster: How do you power a soldering iron on 1914? ::He wondered it and it slipped out his mouth, which wasn't an unusual disease for him. His father had called it brain-mouth diarrhea.::

Williams: A weapon and some cash, enough to get some decent amount of what we need.

Hael: So that be meanin’ now we gotta go back up to shore?

:: Rustyy nodded, of course they would be going back to shore. For most of the adventure so far they were in some kind of limbo trying to figure out what to do. He turned the wheel and opened up the throttle some sending them back the way they had come. A little slower, just in case they changed their minds. ::

Sinda: Looks that way. Put us as far away from where we were docked, though.

Williams: As soon as we get close to the shore it might be wise to pedal again, sorry doctor, but the less noise we make, and the more fuel we can save, the better.

Foster: For the record I hate that engine.

:: Rustyy frowned and looked at the two officers. Diesel was a pretty hefty fuel, better than coal or gasoline, so using too much to get back wasn’t such a big deal. Plus everything was super cheap. Of course if Williams was being quiet to not draw suspicion, this was the exact opposite. If someone saw them, they would tattled on in heartbeat. Unless they said they ran out of fuel… But their lights were off. ::

:: Rustyy barely restrained himself from pulling out his hair. What if’s were as bad as theories. And he hated those. ::

Hael: :: Shrugging. :: You be the boss. :: He winked at Sinda and smirked. ::

Sinda: Now there's an attitude that's going to continue right up until you set foot in an engine room.

:; Rustyy smiled cheekily at Sinda before wiping it away and looking at the floor like a child. Today is NOT a good day to die. ::

Williams: Give it full throttle for a minute Rustyy, then cut the engines and let’s hope we will keep up with the pedals.

:: Rustyy nodded and watched the two men go down to the main dock, while he and Sinda stayed up in the raised cabin. Rustyy was more focussed on on pirate songs and full speed ahead. He just couldn’t help himself… ::

Hael: Vroooom vroomvroomvroom, Waaaaaa :: In a slightly lower tone. :: Waaa-r-waaa-eeerrr--

Sinda: Hael, you know you said you needed a certain gas to kick start the warp core...

:: Freeze, like a deer in headlights. He heard someone say something. He hunkered down like a turtle into its shell and looked around. Sinda! She said something… Something about a core. Was she talking to him though. He pondered, squinting his eyes. Quick kill the engines! Oops his bad. ::

Hael: Yeah? :: He yelled out. That was a universal safe word. It could go anyway for anything. ::

Sinda: How about I tell you where you can find a LOT of hydrogen right now?

Williams: Hydrogen? Hmm, we would be more fortunate in Germany.

:: Hydrogen? That wasn’t on the list he made up… But boy it would be volatile, more so than the explosives below deck. And because it was a gas it could be handled easier on from a distance rather than the more hands on with the version they started with. ::

Foster: Why does this sound explosive to me? :

Hael: I’m’a listenin’ to ya. :: He looked at Sinda. ::

Sinda: I believe they called them 'Zeppelins'?

:: Rustyy walked out to stand next to Sinda to see what in the world she was talking about. Though he wanted very much to not have to leave his new prize. it was probably the only time he’ll get to drive her. ::

:: Just beyond, Rustyy saw the large oval balloon in the air. oO What the heck be that… Oo Rustyy thought long and hard about what a Zeppelin might be. But whatever it was, regardless of it being Terran made, it must not have had an interesting motor in it. Oh well, if it has what the boss lady says it does, it was good enough for him. ::

Hael: I’d be thinkin’ that’ll be more than ‘nough fer what we be needin’...

Foster: Oooh yeah, that looks like a deathtrap if I ever saw one.

Williams: Yes, but I think this is still considered a safe craft. The Hindenburg won’t go down for another twenty years.

Hael: I donno what a safe craft be, but how do ya reckon we get that there bollon and its :: Smirk :: gas.. To the ship?

Williams: They never found out how but…. SSSSHHH

:: Rustyy looked down onto the deck at Williams. Shh? Why Shh? He already made him kill the engines, there was much more he could do to be quiet. Unless he meant for Rustyy to close his trap. ::

Williams: Navy! Be quiet!

Foster: Navy?

Hael: We ran outta gas and that there battery’s be dead. That ain’t too suspicious.

Sinda: A patrol? Or...

Williams: No doubt looking for us…

Sinda: Darn.

Williams: They probably can’t see us yet, but we are very close to sunset I think…

Foster: Ok, how far away from the shore are we? Can we hide among other ships. And how did the navy figure out to look for us so fast? I didn't think information traveled quickly in 1914.

Hael: :: Chuckled.:: A lotta things traveled fast back in them… these... days and gossip will always be number one.

Sinda: Didn't you know, Doctor? Rumours are the only things to travel faster than warp 10.

Williams: Its possible someone called in a missing ship already but doubt the navy would investigate. So it’s probably a patrol.

Foster: Ok, maybe a stupid question, but does that Navy ship have anything we need?

Hael: You sayin we gonna steal from armed folks?

:: Rustyy bobbed his head side to side in thought. Not such a bad idea really. they had to be prepared for anything. Rescue missions or fighting. At least that was how it was suppose to be. ::

Foster: Well, if we can get everything on a one stop shop, getting boarded might not be a terrible idea. Especially if someone can hide. Not that I especially want to tangle with them.

:: The coal in Rustyy’s brain fired up, slow and cold at first, but slowly working. Sometimes, rather most times, ideas hit him in the face with a frying pan. Other times he had to think and think and think and think and think some more and then someone else would take his idea. ::

Sinda: Tackling an armed and alert naval patrol would be a lot different to sneaking onto an unsuspecting ship.

Williams: If we need ammo or guns it would be a nice target, but I doubt they carry much rough recourses. And I don’t know how to pull of a stunt like that even if they had all we need…

Foster: Diphaline kerasodium. Tasteless, safe, and an incredibly effective sedative for humans. I was planning on spiking the grog of whatever ship we snuck onto, but it doesn't discriminate. It will put naval officers to sleep as easily as it will sailors or pirates. Just give me a target.

Williams: But than it would infect us too right? Might want to think this through some more.

Foster: Well you gotta drink it... just don't drink the spiked canteens. But if you want aerosol...

Hael: Okay… okay, okay, okay. I think… ::Paused.:: I be thinkin’ I’s’a gots an idea.

Williams: I doubt it will work, but if you guys think it does…

Foster: I want to hear him out.

Hael: Gimme a minute.

:; Rustyy stared at the floor like it held all the answers and his lips moved like he was reading. He brought his hands up and gritted his teeth. A slow bounce made its way to his feet moving him up and down more rapidly than what the boat did. Why was it so painful to get an idea out? ::

Sinda: Not sure if you're going to get much more than a minute...

Williams: Might be wise to make a light before they ram us…

Hael: Okay what if’n we play hurt, get that there ship ov’r ‘ere :: He sped up his talking from excitement.:: The doc hides’n there and we distract thems long enough fer the doc to knock’em out, right. Tug their boat with our boat an’ take it ov’r to them there gas balloons, pillage thems boats get the gas and leave. Then we might’n not need’em :: Pointed to the sky.:: to run no scans and save some power.

:: He smiled triumphantly. Rustyy talked faster and with poor grammar. He feared if he didn’t say it all at once he would forget his brilliant plan. And a half plan just wasn’t enough. ::

Sinda: Doctor? You up for that challenge?

Foster: Sure am.

:: They understood what he said. Rustyy figured that was all that matter. He jumped down the flight of steps, yelling while whispering. ::

Hael: Ya’lls get down an’ be ready to knock them out.



Lieutenant JG Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

USS Constitution


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