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Winter Graphic Contest Announcement


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We are proud to present you a new round of the "Starbase 118: Graphic contest".

In this contest we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. If you like to be artistic at any level, join in the fun. :)

The theme of this round will be fitting for the time that is upon us. Holidays! But not just plain holidays, that wouldn't be a challenge, right?

The holidays are not waiting until missions are over, until you are out of the battle field, back in your own time, away from tensions and political squabbles. Holidays will come no matter where and when you are or who you are with! But you still want to celebrate so show us how. How would you celebrate if you are in the middle of a mission and have none of the traditional options are available?

"Mission Holiday - Possible" Is our theme this time! Get your creative thinking hats on, and show us, how you or your character would celebrate!


  • The theme must be included, it's the challenge
  • The submitted work has to be done by you. You can use stock images and the like and put them together, but the final work does have your stamp on it.
  • Any kind of graphic style is allowed. You can paint, use 3D renders, mix different source images, make collages, animations, draw, manipulate photos, make a video etc. as long as the final work is completely yours.
  • Everyone can submit one piece of work
  • The image must be within the Star Trek Universe, how you show that is on you.
  • Please add your name (your primary character which we identify you with) in the lower corner as a signature
  • Image size: At least 600*450 pixel and staying in these proportions (either horizontal or vertical, by your choice)
  • Submission deadline is January 22nd 2016
  • To submit the image, start a new thread in this contest forum, that way we do not have to dig for it :)

Now of course you might wonder what you have from all this, apart from a lot of fun and being able to show off your artistic side. ;)

  • The winner and runner up will receive a badge for his forum signature/Wiki page
  • The winners will be announced in the news on the website
  • We will build a gallery page of all entries with special featuring of the winners, and display the images on our Deviantart page
  • And the winner will also receive an IC surprise, which we don't want to spoil.

Yes, you read that right, winners - plural.

To include everyone, we differ between two categories:

  • People: creation of characters, aliens, merging of people with backgrounds, scenes etc.
  • World-building: creation of planets, landscapes, ships, galaxy scenes, technology etc.

Each category will have its own winner! If we do not have entries for one of the categories, the other will receive two winners and two runner ups.

Eager to get started? Your mind full of images that want out? Well then ready, set, GO!

Please make sure to use the "Winter" Prefix from the drop down menu when you submit your entry. Thank you :)

If you have any questions, please post them here. Who knows, someone else might have the same.

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