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Subspace relay network disruption leaves billions cut off

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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Subspace relay network disruption leaves billions cut off from wider Federation

By T'Vas

Stardate 239211.07


Aging infrastructure such as subspace relay stations badly in need of repairs and upgrades was blamed for yesterday's outage.

MONASH SECTOR - Several worlds and outposts across the Monash sector were cut off from the Federation subspace relay network temporarily before communications were quickly restored.

"There was a short outage in the network due to a faulty subspace relay station that led to a cascade failure, but the problem has been resolved," said Iris Kena, general manager of sector operations, to reporters outside the Federation Civic Center on Ramsol III.

Residents first noticed the disruption at 07:41 FST yesterday, when com signal errors began logging across several media networks.

"I'm trying to catch up on the Olympic hockey qualifier when the whole transmission cuts off just as Pascoe is about to score!" complained Theriss Min, a chemist and resident of Daltan II. "Don't tell me who won! I heard they're going to replay it tonight."

Though there have been occasional disruptions in the network over the past few years, yesterday's outage was the largest yet. Communications network officials blame outdated equipment and poorly maintained subspace relay stations.

Reinvesting in aging infrastructure has been a priority for the outgoing Bacco administration. Legislation to upgrade communications and transportation systems across the Federation was passed by the Federation Council last year, but the much needed supplies and workers were delayed during the Federation Transport Union strike.

"With the strike over, they can get started working again in full upgrading the system," said Frajaan, director for Global 7, the largest media network on Ramsol III, "but the truth is we needed those upgrades long before the strike."

"The problem is so do the sectors around us," he added.

Starfleet Command assured reporters that no Starfleet operations were affected by the outage, which lasted approximately three hours.

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