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Star Trek RISA

StarBase 118 Staff

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RISA is a free to join, social network designed for Star Trek fans by Star Trek fan Richard Evans, who kindly judged our 2015 Halloween Avatar Contest recently! It’s a great place to meet like minded individuals who love our favourite franchise and a fun place to kick back and chat, share our highs, lows and opinions.

Over at RISA they’re always looking at ways to improve the community and have delivered a lot of new features including the ability to add the role playing group you’re affiliated with to profiles as well as a link to that site, the ability to create polls and many other cool features. If you’ve not popped in since they switched over to their clean new engine a few months ago it’s definitely worth taking a look.

UFOP: StarBase 118 has a presence on RISA, so when you stop by, remember to connect with our community and join the conversation there: http://www.startrekrisa.com/community/starbase118.

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