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USS Gorkon rescues USS Tharsis

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MENTHAR CORRIDOR – Thanks to the efforts of the USS Gorkon, the USS Tharsis has been saved from the dual perils of a gravimetric anomaly and an infection of deadly parasites.

What started as a rescue attempt quickly turned into a game of cat and mouse, due to the infection of the Tharsis‘s crew by an unusual parasite known as Sarpedionital gondii. Known for the rampant paranoia and homicidal tendencies it produces in its hosts, it is notoriously incurable and deadly — one outbreak in Cardassian territory prompted the Union to sterilise the entire planet rather than risk its spread.

With communications severed, and the Tharsis‘s shields raised to prevent any attempts at beam-out, the Gorkon‘s three away teams were fighting for survival. After escaping several booby-traps, the team led by Captain Quinn Reynolds succumbed to an ambush and were held at phaser-point by Commander Walter Brunsig and a number of junior Tharsis officers. Thanks to the ingenuity of Lieutenant Ayiano Sevo, who managed to disable the ambusher’s phasers, the Gorkon crew were able to overwhelm and capture their assailants.

“No, I don’t want to talk about it. Now buzz off,” said Commander Walter Brunsig, declining to comment on his actions aboard the Tharsis.

Elsewhere on the vessel, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer had taken command of his away team, after the Gorkon‘s XO fell to phaser fire. Searching for a safe place to hide their injured colleague, they encountered Doctor Ana Mirovan, one of the Tharsis‘s complement of civilian scientists, who was unaffected by the parasites due to her Dokkaran physiology. After narrowly escaping a deadly hull breach caused by the anomaly, the team made their way toward deflector control.

A team lead by Commander Alucard Vess were also in peril but managed to avoid one of the Tharsis‘s hunting parties and made their way toward the computer core. There, they were able to disable many of the ship’s internal defences and clear a path for Lt. Stoyer’s team. Meanwhile on the Gorkon, the newly-arrived Lt. Commander Chythar Skyfire worked with the bridge crew to reestablish communications and rescue the Tharsis from the anomaly.

When communications were restored, the crew were able to coordinate their efforts once again. A plan was made and put into action to change the Tharsis‘s shield frequency to a known value, and the Gorkon was able to beam everyone aboard into quarantine, using the transporter biofilters to remove the parasites from anyone infected. With the medical staff kept busy with injuries, the quarantine and the post-traumatic stress of the surviving crew, the officers stationed on the bridge were able to disrupt the anomaly long enough to bring the damaged Tharsis in to tow.

“A disaster? No. We saved the ship, its remaining crew and the surviving civilians. That’s forty-two men, women and children who would have died without our intervention,” said Captain Quinn Reynolds, denying an accusation that the rescue was disastrous. “Given the circumstances, we did remarkably well to manage it with only the one serious injury.”

Docking at Astrofori One, the Gorkon‘s crew were rewarded with some well-earned shore leave. Several new crew were welcomed aboard, and Lt. Commander Skyfire was promoted from the position of medical officer to first officer.

The crew look forward to an awards ceremony to be hosted in the holodeck, and rumours abound that it will be in the form of a costume party.

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