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Ongoing Worlds 2015 Squiddies Awards

StarBase 118 Staff

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Nominations are open for the 2015 Squiddies awards at Ongoing Worlds. These awards are given to a person, sim or game, and one club. Each award nominee is judged on criteria like excellence in role playing, originality and innovation, and facilitating the community experience.

In order to nominate someone you need to only fill out this form right here. There is no limit to the number of nominations a person can make and each needs a short write-up about why the person/sim/club deserves the award, but make sure you submit your nomination by the end of the month!

For those of you that don’t know. Ongoing Worlds is a website that hosts several role playing games and has a blog that regularly publishes articles by people all over the role playing community. So it is a great opportunity to reach and inform people who may not otherwise come across information about our game.

Being part of our community is a great opportunity to experience all of these things and so much more. We have so many talented writers spread across an entire universe of ships and installations, if you can think of someone who deserves recognition for what they have done in the fleet in 2014 head on over and fill out the nomination for them!

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