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PNPC Lyna Namid, "What have I done?"

Graeme Cook

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((Deck 6, VIP quarters))

:: They still hadn’t told her why her room was bathed in a sickly yellow glow. Probably because she’d been so intent in trying to escape this ghastly place. She wasn’t ready to drop the idea of borrowing a shuttle yet because no one had yet ruled it out as a possibility and now her hopes of returning home were pinned on it. ::

Lyna: What is this yellow alert?

Cook: It could be for any number of reasons. The ship has possibly come into contact with something and everyone is to be ready for a crises.

:: All the more reason for her to get out of here then. She hadn’t forgotten about the Borg. If she had any idea about who they were or what they did she’d soon realise they were much much worse than she could possibly imagine. Ash’lie had been very fortunate in having so little contact with other species that they’d not suffered the wars and losses Federation worlds had. ::

Lyna: ::Looking at him with big, round, pleading eyes:: Graeme, you pilot the shuttle and take me home. Then everyone is happy and you can return the shuttle after. I am certain my people will reward you well.

:: Even Lyna could see how uncomfortable Graeme appeared. His speech became broken as he stuttered and with his head hung low, he looked off to the side. She could tell even before he’d said it that he would not help her. Her already low mood shifted again and she felt even more tired, listless and helpless than before. She was really beginning to regret her decision to remain here a little longer. Perhaps if she’d had more time to think about it, rather than having to rush to reach a decision she would have overcome her fear and made the decision to leave. Now she feared she may be stuck here for an extended time. She hadn’t realised how lonely and bored she would be here. ::

Cook: I....I... I can't. As much as I want to see you returned home I have a duty. My duty is to everyone aboard this ship. ::Looking back at her.:: I don't want a reward. My reward is seeing you well and recovered.

Lyna: I am well and recovered. I’m ready to go home.

Cook: You are still recovering...... ::Looking away again.:: but I have to get back to sick bay I have a duty to keep. I promise you Lyna I will look after you!

:: His intentions seemed sincere but Lyna did not believe she needed looking after any longer. In fact she was beginning to wonder if Graeme and perhaps everyone here was delusional. They certainly didn’t seem to be able to agree about things and it made her wonder who would get their way and what would happen to her. ::

Lyna: Don’t let me keep you from your duty.

:: The warmth and friendliness she’d had for him before was diminished now. She wondered how much longer she would have to remain here and what this impending crisis was. Would anyone talk to her about it? What was she expected to do in an emergency? ::

Cook: I will personally speak to the Captain about what was said before. When I don't know as ne will be extremely busy as we speak.

:: No promises then. Not that Lyna expecting anything to come of this any more. Graeme had shown himself strongly against the idea and had rejected her suggestion to allay his concerns. He had driven her guest out in the process. Now she was to be left alone again having not had the chance to ask any of the questions she had. ::

Lyna: Of course. The Captain is too busy. Maybe it would be best for you not to trouble yourself with the matter further then. ::The corners of her mouth turned down and she looked to the floor::

::The small, scared woman didn’t know what to think any more. He felt confused, exhausted and anxious about everything. Her concerns were colouring her view of the situation and people involved to the point she didn’t know whether she had made the right choice in trusting Doctor Cook. Maybe her initial assessment about aliens had been right, maybe her people were right to shun them all so. What was she to think for a moment that maybe she’d discovered something worthy about them that they hadn’t seen before. ::

Cook: Before I go if you need anything just say 'computer tell Dr Cook I need him' I will receive this and I will call you back and then if I'm able I'll come straight away. ::He took her hand in his and caught her gaze.:: I'm sorry for before I really am.

:: Lyna felt a flutter of emotion as she gazed into his blue/grey eyes. She wanted to trust him. Wanted to stay and talk to her, for him to tell her about himself and make everything okay. It didn’t seem to matter what she wanted, fate would not allow her to have it. She pulled her hand back and looked away. ::

Lyna. You’d better hurry. Your duty calls.

:: Her response was flat and maybe a touch bitter. She wasn’t really angry at him but she was disappointed with the whole situation and felt dreadfully alone. She did not have a place here. No duty to attend to. Lyna imagined the crew resented her for being here, using their resources and contributing nothing in return. Perhaps that was why none were willing to spare her any time. ::

Lyna: oO It’s not them that’s the problem. It’s me. I’m not welcome here. Oo

:: Once Doctor Cook had left she sat on the sofa with feet at the edge of the cusion and her face buried into her knees as she replayed the conversation with the Captain over in her mind, wishing she’d taken the hint and left when she had the chance. ::
PNPC Lyna Namid - Guest
Simmed by:-

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