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One on one with candidate Narala

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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One on one with candidate Narala
By Vian Nova
Stardate 239210.17


Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala on Deep Space 9, Bajor Sector.

Narala is known as "the crusader" in her run for the presidency. Much of her publicity has boasted of her ability to take action when it comes to politics. Yet while her record fighting corruption and transforming Nimbus III from a failed colony to a prosperous, galactic hotspot is impressive, she remains unfamiliar to many across the rest of the Federation. She was also the only candidate who did not attend the Berengaria Caucus - a move many political commentators believe may have cost her the presidency.

I was able to get a hold of an interview with Chief Administrator Narala whilst she held a meet and greet on Deep Space 9. Despite being a candidate, it is surprisingly difficult to get a one-on-one interview with her. I was lucky to get this rare opportunity.

There's been a lot of controversies whilst you've been in the running - I'd like to go over them with you. The first one is that your eligibility to run has come into question numerous times throughout the campaign. Has it hindered you in any way?

"No more than it being an awfully common question. I am a Federation citizen - Nimbus III was a joint effort involving the Federation. I know they've run investigations into my eligibility, but there's no question about it - I'm a legitimate candidate for this election."

There's been a few questions about how you came to power on Nimbus III, namely about how quickly you came to power after the arrest of Chief Administrator Ventimago Weil.

"It was a fluke. I had nothing to do with the rallies that were run. I'd certainly never considered being Chief Administrator before then, too. But when the opportunity arose, and I was urged to run for office, I took it. I ran legitimately there, too. A lot of those rumors you're talking about mention some backdoor dealing, but there was nothing like it. It was a proper campaign, the people voted, and I was put into office."

The Prometheus Incident was quite the debacle. Do you stand by your comments about the investigation being led by someone not affiliated with Starfleet?

"Of course. I stand by those comments 100%. Starfleet does a lot of things for the Federation, but when a mistake of that magnitude occurs, I believe it's best that an independent party comes in to investigate what exactly happened."

Moving forward to more recent events - Vivian Voreic, Orion crime lord, on Nimbus III. Did you push forward with your appeal?

"The people of both Nimbus and the Federation are rightfully concerned about Voreic. I can say that the case has been appealed, and it's currently under review by a secondary prosecutor as per the Nimbus Security Regulation Act."

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There was a report released recently about Bajoran voters. Have you seen it?

"I have."

What are your comments on that report?

"I think that the Federation has lost its way by focusing more on a select group of planets than not of the entire Federation itself. The United Federation of Planets doesn't feel very united right now - it seems that the planets have been categorized in a "level of importance", and I don't stand for that. That is something that must be changed. The figures and comments from Bajor seem to indicate that the Bajoran people no longer feel important."

Do you think there should be a Bajoran candidate?

"I think every planet should have a candidate. Every planet's needs should be represented, the Bajorans included. I pledge myself to represent the needs of those who feel unheard. Every voice is important, not just a select few."

Do you plan to go to Bajor?

"It's my next shuttle ride."

True to her word, Narala departed Deep Space 9 shortly after our interview to head to Bajor. Whether she'll be headed to Paris at the end of this year to take the oath of office remains to be seen.

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This story was written by the writer for Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core. Submit your own news stories to the FNS! Edited by Rich
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