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Changes to wiki page naming conventions

StarBase 118 Staff

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In an effort to simplify administration of the wiki, the Wiki Ops Team is implementing a change to the page naming conventions. We’re ditching the long-standing “backwards” page names for characters, like “Wolf, Tristan” in favor of a clearer and more straightforward format that more closely matches other wiki.

The Wiki Ops Team will slowly be making this change to existing character pages over the next two months. New characters should be named this way going forward. Characters that are currently inactive in the fleet do not need to be renamed, but can be on a case-by-case basis as time and desire permits.

The new guidelines are as follows:

  • Title characters “First Name Last Name,” like: “Tristan Wolf“.
  • If your character is a Bajoran, such as Kira Neyrs, even though Kira is the last name, you would title it Kira Neyrs. The same goes for any culture where last name first name is written. Like so: “Ishikawa Keiko“.
  • Of note, you should probably not include middle names. It is exceeding unlikely they will be commonly referred by it.
  • For characters that have more specificity in the name add it in parenthesis:
    • Mirror universe characters get (mirror)
    • Alternate universe characters get (alternate)
    • Clones get (clone x), where x is the number. Try to resist putting descriptors there – for example, if you have Tristan Wolf (good clone), and the clone becomes evil, that name may become confusing!
    • Double characters (such as Bynar) should get something like 11001010 (01010111) to indicate they are a double character.

For more information on our page-naming convention, see the “naming pages properly” article on our wiki.

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