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PNCP T'Sara & Ensign Ryan - Engineers Rule The Ship!


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((USS Avandar – Main Engineering))

:: This was a most special day for the tiny daughter of Della Vetri. This was the day that T’Sara was amongst the most powerful people on the ship. The engineers. Mo said so. The engineers were the only ones that had absolute power to control the ship. Not even the Captain could do what the engineers could do.::

:: With her alert blue eyes T’Sara soaked in as much of her surroundings, and listened closely to what Chief Ryan was saying as the tour progressed. The little girl was in lock step with Ryan as consoles and controls were pointed out. Nothing got by the hybrid, and the questions she asked were beyond her years of understanding.::

:: She trotted up to the main engineering console and climbed onto a stool so she could see the displays.::

T’Sara: Dis where you talk to the ship and it talks back.

:: Nikki smiled as she set in beside the girl. She touched the console and made the display fully light up. ::

Ryan: Yep, we can do just about anything from this one right here.

T’Sara: And dis panel has powers over dat chamber dere.

:: She pointed at the matter/anti-matter containment. Nikki looked toward the warp core and nodded. ::

Ryan: Yes, we can regulate the matter/anti-matter ratio and monitor and control the power flow as well. ::leaning on the edge of the console and looking at T'Sara:: So, how do you know this was where it all happened?

T’Sara: Mo told me so. And ifs dis panel don’t talk, you has backups, but if fings weelly get bad, you has to evacsuates the room and eject the glowy chamber.

:: Nikki wanted to know much more about this Mo but she knew she would have to be very tactful in asking. The last thing she wanted to do was make T'Sara stop talking to her about him. ::

Ryan: It's a little complicated but yes. But ejecting the warp core is the very last thing we really want to do. Once that happens the ship is kind of stuck in slow motion and eventually everything would shut down.

T’Sara: I understands it.

Ryan: I'm guess Mo explained it all to you. Is he taking the tour with us?

T’Sara: ::looking around:: Nope. He not here right now. What dis do?

:: Nikki automatically looked around, not that she expected to see anyone other than her people running around. Then she looked at what T'Sara was pointing at. ::

Ryan: That monitors the core temperature. ::Reaching across the console, Nikki keyed in a command triggering a 3D holographic display of the ship in the center of the console.:: And with this we can run a diagnostic on all of the ship's systems and the computer will show us exactly where any problems are so I can send repair crews to fix them.

T'Sara: Oooo…

:: She reached out with her tiny hands and explored the holograph up close, making it spin, flip and zoom in to more intricate parts.::

Ryan: ::as casually as she could:: Mo sounds like a really good friend. How long have you known him?

:: More interested in the display she was playing with, T’Sara just shrugged not really paying attention to the question. She answered it without much thought.::

T'Sara: A wittle while. After we gots here. The outy hull looks all banged up. Are dese red fings tiny workers? Are dey in space?

:: She zoomed in and giggled that the red dots looked like little bugs.::

:: Nikki smiled at T'Sara's reaction. It wasn't often she got to see things through the eyes of a child and it was actually kind of amazing. ::

Ryan: Yes, they are Engineers doing repairs in space

T’Sara: Did you tell’em to go out dere to fix it?

Ryan: ::nodding:: I did.

T’Sara: You do have more power dan Mama D. Mo’s right. You makes dah whole ship run, n’ people listens to you.

:: That got Nikki's attention focused back on T'Sara's invisible friend. She leaned casually on the console. ::

Ryan: I don't think I've ever seen him around. What does he look like?

T'Sara: He… ::scrunchy face:: He look kinda fuzzy and sparkly, I guess. He poofs in an’ out. ::shrug:: How do you make warps? Ooo, can you makes warps and slippy streams at dah same time?

:: Nikki tried not to react to the description but she was starting to believe that maybe Mo wasn't so imaginary after all. ::

Ryan: Well first, you enter the commands into the computer and then... ::She went on the explain in the simplest terms of just how the ship goes to warp speed. :: And no, we can't make warp and slipstreams at the same time. See, with the quantum slipstream drive, we route energy through the ship's main deflector, which then focuses a quantum field, allowing the vessel to penetrate the quantum barrier.

T’Sara: What happen ifen you do make warps and slippy steams at dah same?

:: Nikki thought for a moment. ::

Ryan: Well, it would cause a phase variance in the slipstream threshold which could cause an overload in the drive's quantum matrix. If that happens, it could destroy the ship. ::heartbeat:: Where's he from?

T'Sara: ::another shrug:: I dunno. He not say. Why?

Ryan: ::smiling:: Just curious.

T’Sara: Can I see dah slippy stream driver now?

:: Nikki stood up straight and held out her hand. ::

Ryan: Sure can. ::motioning across the room:: It's over there in a secure area. I'll take you in but you can't touch anything, okay?

T'Sara: I pwomise.


T’Sara Maren
4 year old troublemaker
Captain Vetri & LtCmdr T’Lea’s daughter
Ensign Nikki Ryan
Chief Engineering Officer

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