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Commander Kael Thomas, "What a day"


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((Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Function Room A1))

::As the meal came out the table dominated by Kael’s family chatted quite enthusiastically. Kael found himself blushing, and remaining quiet for the most part which wasn’t all that different from his previous experiences with his parents at functions. His mother choosing to share every embarrassing event and moment of his life, even if he was only 6 months old had not changed. The Captain was very polite with his family and Kael appreciated that. They were anything but low maintenance and silent. Kael’s mother barely stopped talking the entire time which almost bordered on a rather lengthy monologue of her life. Apart from periodically indicating to her that it was time for someone else to talk, Kael did appreciate their company. It had been so long. ::

::Kael was itching to get some specific details from his family about what they had been up to and just how long they intended on being on the Station. He doubted it was for any great length of time but Kael could be hopeful. It seemed cruel to only stay for a moment. Kael’s odds of getting back to Earth to see them right now, were not all that likely.::

::Pushing away his plate, and listening to his mum talk, Kael didn’t see a man approach him from the right. Looking up he’d never seen the man before, but he was aware of a few transfers in. Given he was not wearing dress whites it narrowed it down significantly.::

Stennes: Commander Thomas.

Thomas: ::Nodding:: Hello! ::Turning to face the man better.

Stennes: I’m Didrik Stennes. Your new counselor.

::It was the man that Kael expected but he was so horrible with names that he didn’t want to try and show he was on top of it to only blunder it. Glad that he was thinking on the right track, he stood up to be at level with the man. Kael’s father always taught him that unless the person intends on sitting down with you then you should stand.::

Thomas: ::Extending his arm for a greeting.:: Welcome to the Darwin Mr Stennes.

Stennes: Thank you, commander. I’m glad to be coming aboard.

Thomas: Well, you’ve picked the right time. ::Pausing to fill his face with a grin.:: We don’t party like this all the time I assure you. ::Looking around the room to indicate his point.::

Stennes: A time and place for everything, certainly.

Thomas: Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to mingle with the crew. They are a welcoming bunch.

::Kael didn’t want to fob the man off, but he knew he only had so much time with his family.::

Stennes: Of course, commander. I’ll let you get back to your family.

Thomas: No problem, nice to meet you.

::Nodding Kael sat back down at the table and noticed that the Captain had left while hew as conversing with the new Counsellor. Not to perturbed by the matter he took a glass of water. He’d barely raised it to his lips, before a familiar tone hit him.::

Anthony: ::Mockingly:: Nice to meet you.

Thomas: ::Closing his eyes as if to block it out, he slowly opened them.:: I’m so glad to see your maturity levels haven’t risen since the Academy.

::Leaning back in his chair Anthony had always been Captain cool. Where Kael was practical and methodical Anthony did what was quickest and easiest. Serving as an endless source of frustration for the Kael, responding only fueled Anthony’s behaviours. In another situation Kael would find the man irritating but right now he just welcomed the company.::

Anthony: Not at all. ::Putting his arm over the back of his chair towards Kael.:: So Commander. I honestly didn’t think you’d get that before you were 40.

::It was a strange comment from Anthony given he’d never thought that Kael would amount to much at all. Well, at least verbally. The sudden admittance of a change of attitude wasn’t expected by Kael but it was welcomed. Delivered as always in a classic light hearted manner as his brother was so skillful at.::

Jolaina: Well, I knew you’d get there honey. You’ve always worked very hard at it. ::Kael didn’t miss, nor did Anthony the sly glance over at his brother. His mum was someone who had always pushed them from an early age. They both got it, it’s just that they both responded to it entirely different.::

Thomas: Thanks mum. ::Pausing for a minute, Kael still had his dad’s condition on the back of his mind. He’d been quiet for the last part. Taking a deep breath in through his nose, he decided it was time to ask what he’d wanted to since he’d seen him.:: So Dad, you are a lot better since I last saw you.

Reynold: ::Turning his head, he nodded at the man, still smiling.:: Thanks. Apparently Starfleet Medical came through with something useful.

::It reflected what Kael thought might have happened. They had been working for years on something but for whatever reason Kael didn’t understand, they had not found a way to reverse or slow down the dementia's deleterious effects on his father. ::

Thomas: So, does that mean you’re back with us for good?

Jolaina: Let's just take it one step at a time Kael.

::Kael was a lousy read of most people. He got the basic stuff but all that subtle innuendo and body language flew right past him. But not with his family. His mother had this habit with her mouth that twitched when she wasn’t being truthful. He’d got to know that look a lot when his father first fell ill. His mother had kept the flame of hope alive for so long and had almost convinced herself that he was going to be better. But this time it was different. She wasn’t playing it up, she was playing it down. ::

Thomas: oO Have you been so broken mum you can’t be optimistic now? Oo

::Casting a glance over at Anthony he had disengaged from the conversation. His attention wandering somewhere else it was clear to Kael that there was something going on and he wasn’t included in it. Pushing his palms into his legs he thought about it all. Surely what they had given his dad must be long term. He was so clear so returned that it was how Kael expected him to be, how he should have been. He didn’t understand how his own mother couldn’t be happy about where he was at now. He needed more information, but it was clear with dad at the table he wasn’t going to get it.::

Thomas: ::Knowing that changing the topic was the only thing he could do, he did exactly that.:: So, Anthony, when are you getting married?

::His eye rolling would have been visible from across the room.::

Anthony: You are honestly as bad as mum and dad. Susan and I will get married when we’d like to, not when you three think it’s time.

::Kael agreed with the man, but he never missed the opportunity to get a free jibe at his brother. He and Susan had been together for some time, and in all of the girlfriends that Anthony had had, Kael had connected with her the most. She was warm, polite and held a great deal of virtuous behaviours. All behaviors Kael wished she could learn to impart on his brother.::

::Captain Renos appeared back at the table and Kael knew what was coming before it was announced. ::

Renos: I hate to do this when everything has been going so well but it’s time to roll. I want everyone recalled to the Darwin immediately. The Triumphant is here so I’m about to deliver a brief before we get after that trail we’ve been monitoring.

::It wasn’t unexpected but it was unwelcome. Kael had known this was coming, but when he realised that he didn’t know his parents were coming. Knowing that their time would be cut short made it difficult for Kael to be positive.::

Thomas: No problem Captain. I’ll make sure we’re all aboard.

::Turning to his family he did not try to hide the disappointment on his face. He had hoped for at least tonight together with them. After such a revelation and changes it was shame to put everything back on the back burner again.::

Anthony: Well that's it then. ::Getting up, Anthony understood all to well that duty responsibility. He wasted no time in going in for a hug with Kael.:: Don’t leave it so long between visit’s this time brother will you?

Thomas: I promise. I’ll have to come over to your neck of the woods next time I suppose.

::They had a good relationship and one that Kael was positive would survive the space between them quite well. They both worked and they both knew that circumstances out of their control dictated their time and their location.::

Thomas: It’s been good to see you mum.

::Kael’s mum had been the rock in the family for years and it wasn’t hard to see those years had aged her immeasurably. Or perhaps Kael just hadn’t noticed before. ::

Jolaina: Please do try to keep in touch. I hope everything goes well for you wherever you're going.

Thomas: ::Warmly.:: You still worry too much mum.

::His dad was waiting behind his mum for his goodbyes. oO Don’t cry again dammit. Oo Saying goodbye to his dad was the hardest of all. There was something about his clarity of mind that was off and Kael just hoped that he would have more time with his father back. Putting aside his own feelings, Kael’s mother deserved to have him back. ::

Reynold: ::Going in for a hug.:: It’s been good seeing you son.

Thomas: ::Deep breathing.:: You too dad. ::Pushing apart, Kael stopped to look at him again. He didn’t want to lose the memory of what this moment looked like. .::

::Standing there looking at his family Kael felt guilty for his behaviours over the years. He had been selfish, neglectful and arrogant. His mother and father needed him and he simply put them in the too hard basket. To see them here today rocked Kael to the core. His values and thoughts about his family and his attachment to them were turned on their head. Where he once thought he would spend the rest of his life frustrated and angry at them, he now wished he hadn’t wasted that time.::

Thomas: I’ll come home as soon as I get a chance.

::He knew it was a vague promise and one he’d thrown around a few times before. But he actually wanted to now. Today had wiped clean that slate and Kael was happy to try and rewrite it.::

Jolaina: We know love. Go now, we’ll be fine. ::Wiping away her own tears.::

::Kael waved and turned. He had a job to do, and he couldn’t afford his family to weigh on him during it. Closing his eyes he thought of his work, and took his position on the stage.::

Thomas: Ladies and Gentlemen ::The noise was quite high, and no one had expected Kael or anyone to get back up on the stage area so he understood that it took a few more tries for their attention to be brought back.::

Thomas: I, as much as anyone here, would love to continue this night and share in good friends, and family. ::not daring to cast a look at his for fear of losing it again.:: But as of right now, we are all recalled back to the Darwin.

::Allowing a few moments for that to sink in, and wash away everyone’s party spirit.::

Thomas: We’ll be leaving the station as soon as we are all aboard. So please, finish what you are doing and head immediately to your stations. Thank you.

::Kael knew how he felt which was obviously heightened from the presence of his family, but he understood how cutting short a ceremony like this can be disappointing. They were great opportunities to meet new people and share stories and experiences with those you might not otherwise. ::

::Stepping down from the stage Kael immediately exited the function room. He would stop by his quarters and quickly change. While he could wear the dress whites he was not that pressed for time. Knowing he could organise what was needed on the fly also aided his decision. The bridge would be his last point of call.::

Thomas: oO What a day Oo


Commander Kael Thomas - First Officer, USS Darwin-A NCC-99312

Academy Statistician, Calendar Master, Training Officer



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