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LtCmdr T'Lea - Gone Fishin'


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((USS Avandar – Officer’s Lounge))

T’Lea: I’ll let her know. Thank you for this.

:: A death threat and a thank you. Classic T'Lea.::

Ryan: Of course Commander. I look forward to it... ::almost smirking:: the tour part, not the death part.

:: After… ::

((Holodeck 2))

:: There was something about the fluidity of the water that filled her soul. Fishing was never a hobby that T’Lea would have considered for herself, but after being forced into it by her father in-law, it was now something she would never consider being without.::

:: Maybe it was a form of meditation, she thought as she reeled in the line. The cool breeze, the rustling of the trees, the way the sun popped in and out of the clouds, all of it made T’Lea more aware and appreciative of the simple pleasures of being alive.::

:: Sat on the lake shore, the hybrid was enjoying the peace and quiet of fishing alone. It gave her time to think, and time *not* to think. Both were pretty important to the balance of sanity. She had a tendency to over-think everything and expect the worst. Although in her mind she was simply hypothesizing and preparing for every possible outcome. Maybe it was the scientist in her, or the fighter, or the Vulcan, or the suspicious Romulan.::

:: She chuckled to herself. More than likely it was all four and that’s why she did it so obsessively.::

:: Overthinking.::

:: She was doing it right now. She was overthinking why she overthought things.::

:: She wagged her head and threw away those thoughts with another cast of the rod. In that moment all she was thinking about was the weight of the lure, her target in the water, and closing the bail to stop the line once she reached her preferred distance.::

:: Sometimes it was nice to be alone. She felt no remorse for ditching the gathering in the lounge. After T’Sara had toddled off with Ryan to engineering, there was really nothing keeping her there except the act of being nice, and that just wasn’t her thing.::

:: The breeze picked up a little causing the floating lure to drift on the water..::

:: Enjoying her solitude with the fish, or lack thereof, T’Lea couldn’t help but wonder how the tour in engineering was going. She was worried about her daughter. This imaginary friend *thing* was highly unusual for T’Sara, but then they had put her through a lot – ripping her from her friends and home at the Embassy. She then thought about Della and the pressures and responsibility of what it meant to be Captain again. This time would be even harder than the first time around. This time Starfleet expected a higher standard, after all she was a season veteran in that command chair. Any little mistake could be viewed as a big one.::

:: There she went again, overthinking.::

:: She jerked the line a little in the water to make the lure dance in distress hoping to catch a bite, and then she found herself wondering where Della was and what she was doing.::

:: Paperwork, probably. That’s how she’d spent most of her command last time. Stuck in paperwork hell and subspace conference calls.::

:: Last time. Last time was different than this time, and yet exactly the same. T’Lea pretty much knew what to expect coming back here, but finding that balance of duty and family on a starship was never easy. The ship and crew came first. That was just the way it was no matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise. The truth was that the happiness and health of her family depended deeply on the health of the ship and crew.::

:: It was easier at the Embassy. They could survive on the planet no matter what. There was room to run. On a ship they were trapped in a tin-can, pretty much. It reminded her of those PTSD feelings she had after the kidnapping and hijacking. No control.::

:: But that was then. This was now. And here she was fishing and *not* overthinking those types of things.::

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
Chief Science Officer
USS Avandar
Author ID I238301T10​

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