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HALLOWEEN Graphic Contest


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It is that time. Be spooked, wear costumes, get candy from everywhere. That is how most celebrate Halloween! But how do we integrate Halloween into Star trek? That is what we want to see from you!

This is a one month long Halloween Graphic Contest! Show us how Star Trek celebrates! Go spooky, go costumy, go drowned in candy or howling at the moon? The possibilities are endless, just as the ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year!

We will crown a lucky winner the mad king and a lucky Runner up the Mad prince, with special Halloween Graphic Contest Badges!

Here are the rules:

  • The theme must be included, it's the challenge
  • The submitted work has to be done by you. You can use stock images and the like and put them together, but the final work does have your stamp on it.
  • Any kind of graphic style is allowed. You can paint, use 3D renders, mix different source images, make collages, animations, draw, manipulate photos, make a video etc. as long as the final work is completely yours.
  • Everyone can submit one piece of work
  • The image must be within the Star Trek Universe, how you show that is on you.
  • Please add your name (your primary character which we identify you with) in the lower corner as a signature
  • Image size: At least 600*450 pixel and staying in these proportions (either horizontal or vertical, by your choice)
  • Submission deadline is October 31st
  • To submit the image, start a new thread in this contest forum, that way we do not have to dig for it :)

If you have any questions, please pose them in this forum thread.

We are looking forward to your submissions and your creativity!

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The contest has ended, results will be posted soon. :)

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