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LtCmdr Rennyn & LtJg Flynn: Hot Tub Snow Machine

Ilene Torza

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((Mountain Lodge, Echevar - Day 2))

::Ren Rennyn was on a desperate mission. A gauntlet had been thrown, a challenge set, an obstacle placed in his way that he was determined to overcome. But he couldn’t do it on his own.::

::Only Antero Flynn could save him now.::

::The Trill launched through the lodge, every fiber of him bent on finding the Risian man who was his only hope. He scanned each room, looking for that familiar face. He went outside, and tried hurriedly to spot him. As if he would be outside in the cold! Ren went to check by the warm roaring fireplace. He searched everywhere, until at last he saw Flynn and rushed to his side and, with a wild look on his face, grabbed him by the shoulders.::

::Antero stared at the fireplace, mesmerized by the dancing flames and daydreaming of his always sunny home. He smiled at the thought of having Theo there. He would take him to his favorite cliff side perch where they would watch the lights of Lohlunat over Suraya Bay, a warm breeze passing over them. He was pulled from his thought by a frantic Rennyn.

Rennyn: Flynn! I need you!

::The Risian stood quickly and glanced around in alarm, ready for whatever urgent situation had come up.::

Flynn: Sir?

::Ren released Flynn from his grip and backed away a step, trying to catch his breath and calm his frenzied demeanor. He spoke slowly, forcing himself not to be overexcited.::

Rennyn: I mean… If you’re not too busy… There is something you might help me with… If it’s not too much trouble…

::He watched his first officer catch his breath for a moment before responding, he was having trouble deciding if this was an emergency, or some kind of breakdown.::

Flynn: Is everything okay…?

Rennyn: THERE’S A HOT TUB! It’s on the back deck. It’s broken, and NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT! Your family owns a resort, right? You have to know how to fix it!

::Ren was hopping around like a fool, thrilled at the prospect of winter hot tubbing. It was the best hot tubbing of all!::

Flynn: ::His eyes going wide:: Did you say a broken hot tub?! oO It really is an emergency! Oo Lead the way!

::Antero dashed forward urgently, just in time to see Rennyn dart in the opposite direction. He screeched to a halt and reversed course, nearly crashing into a coffee table that he was forced to hurdle. He followed the Trill out a side door and onto the back deck. He felt the bite of the cold on his ungloved hands and for the first time didn’t care, intent on his mission of full body warmth. He admired the beautiful tub for only a moment before remembering himself. He turned to Rennyn and his hands gestured frantically.::

Flynn: Tools...We need tools!

Rennyn: The staff said someone’s coming out to repair it tomorrow. They don’t have anything on site to repair it with. We have to wait until tomorrow!

::Ren was glad Flynn shared his sense of urgency about this. Obviously, if a hot tub was available, they needed to be in it today. He paused to think through the problem carefully.::

Rennyn: They don’t have their own repair tools here at the lodge, but I saw some kind of maintenance shed down by the ski lift. Maybe we could find what we need there!

::Antero nodded solemnly, he knew what this would mean. He would have to brave the harsh and unforgiving elements for the greater good of the crew. It would be no small task, but he could only hope that the end result would be worth it: Thankful crewmates that would bring him more of that delicious hot chocolate while he boiled himself alive. He donned his gloves firmly and put a hand on the senior officers shoulder.

Flynn: I’m ready.

Rennyn: Let’s go!

::Off they ran, struggling heroically through the powdery snow, down the hill to the nearby ski lift station, where a maintenance shed sat locked, but full of promise. Ren knocked frantically on the door.::

Rennyn: Hello? Anyone there?

Flynn: ::Rubbing his hands together:: Do you think this shed is heated?

::They didn’t get to find out. A gruff Tellarite in a snowsuit appeared around the corner.::

Tellarite: It’s locked. Needs a keycard.

::Antero glanced at Rennyn and then back to the Tellarite.::

Flynn: Well...Do you think you could let us in? Its super important..

Tellarite: Jeff’s got it. He’s on break. Up at the lodge.

::The Tellarite shrugged and disappeared again. Ren looked at Flynn.::

Rennyn: To the lodge!

Flynn: ::With a finger pointed to the air in declaration:: To the lodge!

::The Risian trudged forward with purpose, doing his best to ignore the dull ache of cold in his extremities. This was too important to give up. He looked to the Trill as they walked, it almost seemed like he was enjoying himself.::

::They arrived at the lodge and burst through the front doors on a mission.::

Rennyn: Jeff! Jeff!

::They ran to the front desk and demanded to know where Jeff was. The Bajoran at the desk tried to hang on to her usual friendly smile, despite wondering what could possibly be going on.::

Flynn: Were looking for Jeff. Is he here? Its urgent!

Bajoran: He… might be…

::Ren and Antero exchanged an optimistic look.::

Bajoran: ...out on the slopes? There was a broken down snow mobile about a half kilometer up the hill.

Rennyn: Half a kilometer?!

::The Risian sunk at the bad fortune before remember what he had seen on the way in.::

Flynn: ::Brightening:: There are more snowmobiles out front!

Rennyn: Yes! Now that’s how Starfleet solves a problem! Let’s roll!

::With a nod of thanks to the Bajoran, they ran for the door, headed for the bank of snowmobiles nearby They charged for the nearest one, a big yellow two-seated monster that was sure to get them where they needed to go.::

Rennyn: Do you know how to run one of these?

Flynn: I have never even SEEN one of these before today. It can’t be that hard for Starfleet pilots though, right?

Rennyn: Right!

::Ren jumped on the snow mobile and tried to start it.::

Rennyn: Snow mobile. Start! ::Nothing happened.:: Ignition sequence, engage! ::Still nothing. He looked to Flynn to give it a try.::

::Antero gave a quick nod and leaned over Rennyn’s shoulder from the back.::

Flynn: Snow surfer, activate! ::He grimaced:: Is there a button?!

Rennyn: Oh no. No, no, no! It needs keys! Why does everything on this planet need keys!?

::The two clamored off the vehicle and almost charged into the Bajoran that was now waiting in the doorway. She just stood there shaking her head, keys dangling from her finger.::

Flynn: Thank you!

::Antero grabbed the keys and tossed them to the Commander as the two ran back to the snowmobile.::

::They revved up the snow mobile and streaked off up the mountain, gliding fast over the snow, wind whipping around them furiously. Ren wished he had his snowboarding goggles, but more than that, hoped this wouldn’t incur any extra charges on Brek’s account. You just couldn’t spring additional charges on a Ferengi that way.::

::Up ahead, the sight of two people tinkering with a broken down snowmobile drew nearer, until they reached the site and Ren pulled up next to them.::

::They smiled at the friendly-looking Terran they found.::

Rennyn: Hi! Are you Jeff?

::The second person, bent low next to the broken vehicle, rose to his feet. Just when he should have stopped, he kept rising. He was a Klingon, more than seven feet in height, covered in motor oil, and not at all happy that his lunch break had been cut short for this.::

Klingon: I am Jeff.

::Antero felt like he was going to pull something in his neck as he looked up at the man.::

Flynn: Of course your are...We um...Well we’re just wondering...uh…::He looked at Rennyn and motioned forward.::

::Ren swallowed hard and tried to look like he still had some blood left in his face. It was best to get it out quickly.::

Rennyn: Can we borrow your key card so we can get tools from the ski lift maintenance shed so we can fix the hot tub please… sir?

::Jeff paused a long moment, carefully appraising their trustworthiness, their honor.::

Jeff: Your coat looks like it might almost fit me, Trill. I will accept it as a replacement for this one I have just ruined with filthy engine oil.

::It was just their luck to get a Klingon who was fussy about his clothes. Ren leaned closer to Flynn and whispered nervously.::

Rennyn: He wants my coat. What do we do?

Flynn: ::Looking in disbelief and whispering back.:: His brain must frozen solid!

Jeff: I will also require a hat and gloves. ::He craned his neck fearsomely towards Flynn.:: Yours look warm, little man.

Flynn: ::Responding with sudden indignance at the idea.:: That’s crazy! Only an idiot would suggest we take off our…..::He stopped as his brain caught up to what his mouth was saying.:: Er….

::Jeff was displeased. He dug in his pockets and produced the keycard, holding it in front of them in a taunting gesture. The poor Terran looked on amused.::

Jeff: No coat, no gloves, no keycard. And because I don’t like you, I think my price may just have gone up.

::The two pilots gave each other a worried glance. This was a sticky situation, but if they put their heads together, they could surely find a way out of it.::

::Several minutes later, the snowmobile was gliding down the slopes at top speed, carrying a half frozen Risian clinging to a barechested Trill, holding tight to a borrowed keycard.::

::Ren tried to look at the bright side.::

Rennyn: We’ll be in that hot tub in no time!

Flynn: ::Through chattering teeth:: It’s been an honor s-serving with you sir. If I don’t make it back, t-tell Theo ::he paused for a brief moment of thought.:: s-something sentimental...

::Ren felt sweat wanting to form on his brow even as his chest and arms suffered from the whipping winds.::

Rennyn: Don’t worry! We’re going to make it!

::The snowmobile carried them swiftly to their destination. As they drew nearer the lodge and the ski lift station, more and more people stared at the sight of the half naked men huddled together on a snowmobile.::

Rennyn: They’re all going to love us once we get that hot tub fixed.

((A few hours later))

::Antero and Ren were submerged in the sublime warmth of the functioning hot tub. They’d put themselves through a lot to make this happen, and soaked in silence for a time, enjoying the benefits of their labor. The Risian took another drink of his hot chocolate and set the glass down before turning to Rennyn with a grin.::

Flynn: Tell me Commander. Is that how you break the ice with all your junior officers?

Rennyn: That was a definite first. ::He leaned his head back on the edge and let out a chuckle.:: We really got to know each other on that snowmobile.

::Antero leaned forward and let out a genuine eye watering laugh. He was certain he would never forget this day.::

Rennyn: I have a feeling that’s not the last of the trouble we’ll get into together. But it’s a good start. And we owe it all to a Klingon named Jeff.

Flynn: ::Raising his mug with a smile:: To Jeff!

::Ren leaned forward and reached across to his own mug. There was no end to hot chocolate now that they were the heroes who fixed the hot tub.::

Rennyn: To Jeff. And new friends.

LtCmdr Ren Rennyn


USS Columbia, NCC-85279



Lt. Jg. Antero Flynn

Helm Officer

USS Columbia, NCC-85279


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