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Crossover Confusion

Kali Nicholotti

Crossover Confusion  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Star Trek character would you have appear in another sci-fi show or movie?

  2. 2. What show or movie would that be?

    • Babylon 5
    • Doctor Who
    • Star Wars
    • Firefly
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Farscape
    • Some Other Show (Tell us Below!)

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There are few science fiction fans out there who are content to constrain themselves to the fandom of a single show or series, or movie for that matter. Most of us have multiple 'sci-fi loves', some of which we draw on when we write our characters here in the 118 fleet. While there were often common threads that the genre pulled on to weave intricate and interesting stories, each show and each movie brought something new and different. From the outside looking in, however, we have to wonder what might happen to our beloved stories, and the characters that exist within them, if we were to mix them all up.

And that brings us to this week's poll of the week; what Star Trek character would you have appear in another sci-fi show or movie, and what show or movie would that be?

We've all seen crossover shows before, like when Scotty appeared in The Next Generation, or when characters from one show visit the story of a spinoff show of a similar name. But what would happen if we literally pulled our favorite characters out of one show and universe, and stuck them in another completely different show and universe? Depending on the combination, things could get disastrous, or the hilarity may ensue. Only you can be the judge of that!

Let us know what combination you think would result in the best episode (or movie) and tell us why below!

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That would be good.

But I like the idea of Picard in Dr Who! Jean-Luc isn't one to suffer fools, and isn't a fan of time travel. Can you imagine the exasperation?

I'm still waiting for the day Patrick Stewart has a guest appearance on Doctor Who (that rumor has been going around for years.)

Anyway, I ended up choosing Spock on Farscape. Because what's funnier than having that stoic, logical Vulcan on such an outlandish, crazy show and ship?!

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I voted "Other/Other" as I am not a fan of crossovers. I don't really have anything against them, I just don't care for them and choose not to put my imagination there. No rage, just apathy. ;)

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I have always wanted someone from Starfleet to travel backwards in time...long, long ago through a wormhole that took them far, far away to discover a society as advanced as the 24th century. Who better than Picard, who has had a wealth of experience in dealing with challenges to his assumptions? I'd like to see his analytical mind encounter the Force, not to mention the Sith and the Jedi. He enjoys fencing, so a good light sabre might be right up his alley.

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I was one who watched Babylon 5,Faescape and all the Star Treks from beginning to end. DR.who, I started that in 2007,with Dave Tenant. Finding complete older episodes from who's beginning are hard.

As for Farscape, I think that crew would drive many Starfleeters up the bulkheads. Spock would get along with Moya and Zhaan. He'd pinch out Dominar Rigal though. And perhaps Crais.

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