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LtCmdr. T'Mar- So now what?


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((Bridge, USS Consitution-B))

:: As Jalana took her seat, T'Mar sat in the XO Chair next to her. She could somewhat relate to how Jalana was feeling. T'Mar was not to jump to the idea of time travel. Scientifically, she grew up learning that it was physically impossible, and yet time and again instances cropped up that proved it was possible.::

Rajel: Is the rift still there?

Fiorr: Yes, although its far less powerful on this side… Only slight gravimetric pulses. They won’t affect us or Earth in any way.

Sinda: We were lucky enough to drop a probe just before we ran into the rift. At the moment we're still picking up some very distorted telemetry from it, but if it falls into the rift, too, the gravity differences will probably crush it.

Rajel: In that case.... does anyone have an idea how we are getting back home?

T'Mar: I question the safety of merely flying through the rift again.

Valoru: Power is still coming back online, sirs. Life support, sensors, deflector, maneuvering, maybe impulse. I'm trying to bring more online...

Rajel: We can't do one step without taking the ship apart it seems. Once power is back up, can we head back?

Fiorr: ::checking his console:: With power at a minimum I wouldn’t recommend that ma’am.

T'Mar: Even if we were able to make the ride smoother, we have another problem.

Rajel: ::Looking to T'Mar:: And which would that be?

T'Mar: The warp drive and slipstream drive were being drained of power while we travelled through the rift. If this is anything like the subspace rift the Gemini encountered, the warp core may be completely offline.

Valoru: Confirming. We have minimal locomotion right now, commander.

Sinda: And plenty of significant damage. As well as two minor hull breaches, there's a total power loss on deck 3 and fire fighters are trying to contain an electrical blaze on deck 8.

:: T'Mar knew the situation was grim. It was surprising they had made the trip in one piece, even more surprising that they were where they were. The damage would be hard to repair, but thankfully they did not have to worry about being noticed worldwide. The nagging question was how could they return? ::

Rajel: Without that, it doesn't sound like we could return.

Fiorr: No doubt we can make it in with thrusters BUT… once we get to the other side odds are against us. We probably get pulled back in right away and I doubt we end up in one piece.

Childyrn: We'd need some time to recoup... hopefully recoup. Maybe a stay here wouldn't be so bad afterall I suppose. Ma'am :: referring to the Captain :: I'm not seeing anything even close to a threat with this era. AS far as we're concerned anyway. Unless there's someone else here with us, we're basically all alone.

Sinda: I agree. We need to repair the damage we have now before risking any more.

Rajel: I agree with that as well. No reason to rip us apart completely. We need more information. About the damage, ways of repair, this time... everything.

T'Mar: Agreed. What do we know about this time period?

Fiorr: 1914. This year saw the beginning of what became known as World War I and also saw the first airline to provide scheduled regular commercial passenger services with heavier-than-air aircraft with the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line.

Childyrn: He's got it. Revolutionary way to travel and send goods according to this. We're about eight days away from the termination of the airline contract. May 5th.

:: T'Mar raised an eyebrow before noticing that Jalana had done the same. May 5th was more than 8 days from when they were, but the point was duly noted. Airlines and aircraft were a mode of transportation some time this year. ::

Fiorr: Interesting, but the world war seems more important. If only we could prevent it from happening.

Childyrn: There's something else here though... There's something about an Archduke, Franz Ferdinand. He is to be killed tomorrow. This was apparently what brought all the nations of this planet to war in this time.

::That fact was interesting to T'Mar. They had happened to arrive the day prior to a world wide war. She could not help but hope that they would be gone before it even started.::

Valoru: We cannot interfere. In fact, can we confirm that our presence will not be detected?

Sinda: Tactical systems are not picking up any sensors capable of locating us. That said, if anyone down there has a half-decent telescope and points it in our direction... Are we sure we're not the cause of this world war, somehow? Turning up the day before seems pretty coincidental.

::T'Mar shook her head in the negative. No doubt someone would have noticed if aliens had started a war in 1914.::

Dunross: No, we are not the cause. There was a complex web of alliances between nations, pent-up aggressions, a long and expensive arms race and a lot of unfinished business that were the cause. Even if some strange object had been spotted, it would be a non-event.

Rajel: Ah Ian, good of you to join us, I beleive that we will have to make use of your skills especially.

Sinda: More bad news. There was a total failure of the backup systems on some of the lower decks, so internal sensors failed to detect a fire in the food storage bay.

Rajel: A fire? What exactly caused it?

Sinda: Unknown. The fire was only discovered when some crewman opened the hatch and almost got himself incinerated. They're dealing with it now, but it sounds bad.

Rajel: I believe that. Though we still have replicators, don't we?

Sinda: With the warp core offline, will we have enough power for the replicators? If not...

Dunross: If not, then we should probably go grocery shopping. I’d recommend the United States of America. Abundant food availability, and they remain neutral in the coming war for another three years.

:: Limited power, limited supplies. Much to T'Mar's dismay, it was sounding like an away mission would be necessary to get them out of here. She looked at Jalana who was having difficulty processing everything into an organized plan as well.::

Rajel: Okay, listen. Each of you collect data about damage, parts and recources we need. There is no way around this, we'll have to go down, so Ian you'll make a list of things we'll have to look out for, proper attire, behavioural rules and so on. If we have stuff we can use the better, maybe the theatre group has some costumes we can borrow. Otherwise we will have to replicate what we need. I want everyone prepared for a meeting in 20 minutes.

Fiorr: I’ll continue to monitor the local news bulletins, see if they found us somehow. There aren’t any computers to log into so I think that would be the most usefull right now.

T'Mar: I believe that is a wise decision.

:: Jalana stepped aside and tapped her badge. ::

Rajel: =/\= Rajel to Senior officers. Jalana here, allow me to quickly update you. Our bumpy ride can be blamed on a temporal rift. For more updates, we are going to have a meeting in about 20 minutes in the observation lounge. Please be punctual. Rajel out =/\=

::With that, T'Mar made her way to a console where she could begin analyzing what the situation was on the planet. She didn't claim to know enough about science and engineering to be of help with their return trip, but she knew security and she wanted to know if there were any threats from the planet. She found projectile weapons that would be particularly dangerous if they were shot, but nothing that would be a threat to the ship. Missiles that could reach them would not be invented for some time.::


Lieutenant Commander T'Mar

First Officer

USS Constitution-B

Podcast Team Co-Facilitator/Community History Team Co-Facilitator/Training Officer

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