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In Command: Captain Quinn Reynolds

StarBase 118 Staff

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Quinn Reynolds is a name that has been around for some time. Although I have only been in the group for a couple of years, I have had the fortune to serve almost all of my ‘service’ time with her – that is, until recently. Today, we get to learn a bit more about her and her new post as Commanding Officer of the Sovereign class vessel, USS Gorkon.

DeVeau: Thank you for joining us today!

Reynolds: Thank you! I’m pleased to be here.

DeVeau: Please tell us a little bit about how you came to SB118.

Reynolds: I honestly can’t remember! I think I may have been looking for a place to roleplay in the Star Trek universe, and I vaguely recall googling “Star Trek RPG” or something similar. SB118 popped up at the top of the list, and I jumped in and applied.

DeVeau: Was Quinn your first character, or did others come before?

Reynolds: She was my first character — I’ve had lots of PNPCs come and go over the years, but she’s always been my primary character.

DeVeau: Quinn’s been through quite a lot. Will you touch briefly on some major events that influenced her?

Reynolds: There’s been a few events that have had a lasting influence on her. Meeting Walter Brunsig — who, at the time, was a PNPC of Captain Rhys Bejain — was a big one. He’s been a major part of her life ever since, and was the person who reminded her why she joined Starfleet at a time she wanted to give up.

Her first tenure as a department head was another — she was terrible at it! It wasn’t until she learned to have some confidence in her own ability to command that her subordinates started to believe she was capable, and it was a very rough experience for her.

A lot of other things have been a slow creep over the years. She mourns the loss of her idealism and sense of wonder, and while she still strives for peaceful resolutions, she’s resigned herself to the fact that sometimes you just have to fire your phasers.

DeVeau: When you originally signed up for SB118, did you ever imagine having your character in the captain’s chair?

Reynolds: I didn’t — although I have to admit, her surname was chosen to pay homage to a certain TV show, on the outside chance she ever did.

When Quinn was created, she was incredibly shy, hated to delegate and struggled with leadership in any capacity. She really was not someone you could imagine as a department head, let alone in the captain’s chair, and it wasn’t really a trajectory I had in mind for her.

DeVeau: So what changed all that and brought her into this position?

Reynolds: Time and experience, more than anything else. As she ascended the ranks, gained experience and took on more responsibility, Quinn slowly grew into a command role. She still has her moments of self-doubt, but she’s a lot more confident in her leadership these days.

DeVeau: What goals do you have for your new ship and crew?

Reynolds: I’m really hoping to explore — figuratively and literally — the unique setting we have in the Menthar Corridor. There are vast swathes of unexplored space; species and groups that range from hostile to friendly and everything in between; and of course the opportunity to conduct joint missions with the crew of the USS Invicta.

DeVeau: What about Quinn herself? Where do see her going from here?

Reynolds: She has a lot of issues to resolve! The IC reason for her stepping back from command a few years ago was that she had order someone she loved to sacrifice themselves for the ship. She’s never really got over that, and she’s terrified of it happening again, because she’s not sure she can do it a second time.

She also has a lot of unresolved issues about her connection to and feelings toward a Starfleet officer who turned out to be a sleeper agent for an as-yet unknown organisation. He’s still on the Invicta and in a coma for now, but she’s going to have to face up to that — and him — sooner or later.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. She’s found a few kindred spirits and potential friends among the crew of the Gorkon, and I’m looking forward to developing those relationships as we sim together.

DeVeau: Well the rest of SB118 and I look forward to seeing what happens with the Captain and Crew of the USS Gorkon. Thank you for allowing us to get a closer look at Captain Reynolds!

For more information about Captain Quinn Reynolds, check out her bio on the wiki!

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