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Star Trek Bridge Simulator


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More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL532DC01F548EE15C

From the first video in the playlist, it looks like you can actually play with just one computer per person, as opposed to needing a huge set-up with everyone having a couple screens and so-forth.

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I've actually played this game!

It was a bunch of guys from my command, plus my wife, with multiple computers and a projector giving us the viewscreen. It was a great deal of fun, and made for some interesting battles with coordination. To run a ship effectively, you really need multiple people to run the various stations.

In a pinch, it IS possible to fly a ship on your own. Thanks to network issues, I got kicked out of the game and had to reload. Someone else had taken up my station in the time I needed to get back in. So, I took another ship slot, grabbing both helm and tactical. Using the science station display of the guy sitting next to me, I managed to run in and save the others before their ship was taken out. ::Smiles.:: It ran like a moment out of a movie. Our heroes, battered to hell and about to die, are rescued by a battleship swooping in out of nowhere with guns blazing!

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