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Lt Tatash - "Sales Pitch"


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((USS Avandar - Main Bridge))

::If he was capable of blushing he would be a bright shade of crimson after T'Lea had rather bluntly corrected him on his mistake. To be fair, he'd barely had time to glance the senior officer roster before coming on board, although ignorance was never an excuse when it's highlighted on everyone's collar's in gold pips.

The captain remained in her ready room as the rest of the senior staff were relieved, although Tatash had requested an additional few hours on the bridge. He could go well over twenty four hours without needing sleep, one of the few perks of being a lumbering brute, although that did mean that he was unofficially expected to do the overtime when he could.

Still, it gave him a moment or two to relax as he took another sip of his tea. The after-action report he was putting together with a single hand was brief and to the point. No damage inflicted, no real damage sustained with a single shot fired. Not bad considering the mess they had found themselves in as soon as they dropped out of the bizarre tunnel of the slipstream drive.

What did he make of this new crew though? The Columbia had took a while to warm to him, but they had arguably been a little more accustomed to exotic species considering their Ferengi captain, the Avandar seemed a little tougher a nut to crack. Especially when those nuts seem to be as cold as deep space like T'Lea, she was an enigma for sure.

It also wasn't a help that his job tended to be the most counter-productive to the Starfleet ideal. Where Science was about discovery and Engineering about invention, Tactical was solely defence and destruction. Unlike the Gorn Navy, he felt more like a necessary evil than a reputable colleague, a reminder of the harshness of space beyond the borders of the Federations core worlds.

Even now he found himself watching the scanner from the corner of his eye, ever mindful of the shapes that flitted across its surface. Each one could be a distant trade ship or an incoming combatant, yet he treated each with as much suspicion as the other.

He pinged one of those blips with a few console presses, a standard computer to computer check. The return message gave basic details of flight plan and the fact they had marked themselves as a light freighter, cargo transporting. Thoroughly un-interesting.

The rest of the bridge continued working like the well tuned machine Starfleet made every ships command area, a little conversation between the second shift helm and ops officers just out of earshot while the rest of the silence was filled with the usual electronic bells and whistles of various systems doing their own exercises.

A flashing icon caught his attention appearing on the bottom corner of the screen, a subspace message addressed to him. Normally he'd retreat to his quarters, but in the middle of such silence he afforded himself to peek at the heading at least.::


To: Lt Tatash Ssiolassh - USS Avandar NCC 80203

From: Talash Ssiolassh (Jnr)

Subject: Business Venture!


::He couldn't help but groan internally, his brother was at the best of times shady when it came to his wheeling's and dealings. He wasn't surprised a personal message had got through even the non-federation relays. Civilian traffic was marked as such, although he had no doubt it had been read by countless eyes already. With trepidation, he opened the message.::



Where have you been brother? I visited mother and father a week ago and all mother did was complain that you never seem to call as much as you used too. I'm guessing your duties keep you under the thumb, so i'm just going to say 'I told you so' now and get it over with.

You should make the time when you can, mother is as well as ever and still grills a better steak then you do. Father is as well as he can be, although from what the doctors have said he only has a matter of months left with us. That's not me trying to play your heartstrings, just giving you the truth as I know what mothers like, always looks for the positives.


::How long -had- it been since he'd actually spoken to his parents face to face, even just over a video screen? Weeks, maybe longer. His heart sank slightly into a little pool of guilt welling up inside him.::


Anyway, getting to the point of this note. I need your latinum, I know you have a fair bit put away and I also know those Starfleet types don't use currency so as far as I can tell you've got it stashed away gathering dust. I need twenty bars, and before you even ask it's all above board. There's some decent land up for grabs on a new mining venture, but let's just say I might have 'acquired' a bit of information on where there's a decent vein of Topaline. Twenty bars will get you 50% of the plot, I'll front the rest and even pay for the drill rigs myself.

Can I count you in? I've already got the transfer forms filled in just need your approval.



::He couldn't help but have his curiosity perked. Mining was always going to be a money earner as long as there was starships in the sky and buildings on planets. What harm would it be though? Talash was right, the Federation provided anything he could ever want, without so much as moving a coin, and twenty bar's was barely half of what he'd accumulated in his tours.::


To: Talash Ssiolassh (Jnr)

From: Lt Tatash Ssiolassh - USS Avandar NCC 80203

Subject: Re: Business Venture!


I know i've not been in touch with them as much as I wish I could be, thank you for your concern and thank you for letting me know how they are getting on. I'll speak to them in the coming days, you have my word.

As for this venture... against all better judgement you can have the money. If it makes a good return then i'm sure you'll be totally honest and transparent with the figures, won't you?


::Tongue firmly in cheek.::


Once we're finished here we'll be heading back to Starbase-118, would be good to see you again. You might even be able to peddle some of the masses of ore you'll be scooping!

All my love


PS: Don't screw me over, the Avandar has bigger guns then that garbage scow you call a ship.


::A toothy grin appeared on his muzzle as he sent his sassy reply, even if he lost out, the finger-wagging rights he would have would be worth double the bricks. He caught the Captains eye as she stepped out of the ready room.::

Vetri: Lt. Tatash, I'm going to assume that smile on your face is not related to there being less people around here than the last time I looked.

Tatash: Nothing to report Sir. Business as usual. 

Vetri: ::dryly:: Given recent events, that is not especially inspiring.

Lt Tatash
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Avandar

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