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Senior staff of USS Apollo-A vanishes

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DEEP SPACE — While en route to their first assignment aboard the USS Apollo-A, the senior staff mysteriously vanish.

The tension was palpable as the senior staff of the USS Apollo-A (NCC 71669-A) took their stations on the bridge for the first time. Soon after everyone settled, FltCapt. Kalianna Nicholotti gave the order and the Apollo, under the control of helmsman Lt JG Randal Shayne, began racing through the stars.

Shortly after the Apollo’s departure, Nicholotti gave the order to activate the quantum slipstream drive to expedite the Apollo’s travel time through the Typhon Expanse. After a few moments of traveling at slipstream speeds the ship shuddered and the bulkheads seemed to groan. Following normal Starfleet protocol, the crew began to run scans in an effort to diagnose what had happened.

As results started coming through, the senior staff started putting things together and realized something was truly wrong. This finding was solidified by a report from the First Officer, LtCmdr. Alex Blair.

“Either a problem or I’ve become a great illusionist in the last couple of minutes,” Blair said as he passed his hand through the console built into his chair.

The senior staff soon theorized that they had somehow transitioned into a different phase. With the theory in hand, they set about trying to prove it. Nicholotti led a team to investigate other decks of the ship, while Blair remained on the bridge with a team to try and work the problem.

As the teams worked, it became more and more clear that the theory of being phase shifted was correct. Not only had the senior staff shifted to a different phase, but the Apollo had shifted into several phases which somehow were spread across a vast span of space. Needless to say, the various phases were wreaking havoc across the Apollo’s systems as well.

After some extensive work, Commander Marcus Dickens and Ensign Gina Es-Aleh came up with a plan that could realign the Apollo and her crew into one phase, but it had a catch. If the ship and crew were to survive, the plan could only be enacted in one of the phases. With the senior staff reunited on the bridge, and after receiving a garbled message transmitted through the grav-plating built into the floor, Nicholotti decided to take a leap of faith and enact the plan.

Soon after the plan was enacted, things on the Apollo started going poorly. The ship shuddered again and a few moments later was surrounded by debris. In an effort to determine what had happened, and acting on a hunch, Mission Specialist Commander David Cody, went down to engineering to take a look at the warp core. After a quick investigation Cody found an imbalance with the warp core constrictors which was the true cause of the phase shifts. Cody quickly donned an environmental suit and risked his own life to repair the system.

With the constrictors realigned and the matter/anti-matter ratio back to normal, the plan to realign the phases was continued. Several tense minutes passed as the senior staff dealt with errant torpedoes orbiting the Apollo as debris, before the various phases affecting the Apollo realigned with a massive bang. After beginning the process of assessing the damage, the senior staff were relieved by Gamma Shift thus ending what could only be described as a tumultuous first day.

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