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Ensign Cook - "Lyna, Turrisi and a Klingon."


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((USS Darwin Deck 8 Ensign Cooks quarter))

::With no one in the room but Graeme he instantly stripped out of his uniform. Looking in the mirror his arms and legs were covered in scratches. Making a mental note to have Dr Tarna check him over as well as the rest of the away team. Graeme's PADD bleeps. Checking out the message he opens it.::

To: Crew Manifest, Uss Darwin
From: Lt. J.G. Lyldra

The marital group of Lyldra, Hars Vlin, and Brell, are happy to announce the birth of twins!

We wish to invite you to the Naming Ceremony which is to occur in Natural Selections aboard the USS Darwin at DS6 in three days time.
This is an important event for us and for our newborns and hope you will be able to attend.

The Naming Ceremony is our twins introduction to the world and is a celebration of family and new life. The event lasts all day though the naming itself will not occur until 18:00, There will be food, music and dancing, baby gifts are welcome but not required. We hope you will have the time to stop in and say hello, enjoy some Bolian cuisine and entertainment.



::Placing down his PADD. This will be his first experience at seeing a naming ceremony.
Stepping into the shower.

Cook: Computer..Activate sonic shower.

::The computer chimes and the shower starts. The pleasure of a shower was sorely needed. Stepping from the shower and placing some comfortable bottoms climbing into his bunk. oO I wander what names they will pick? Graeme is a good name! Oo Chuckling to himself as his head hits the pillow oO I need to get them a gift. Oo smiling away one last thought pops into Graeme's head. oO I wonder how Lyna is? Oo::

((Graeme's dream))

::The jungle of Brut III was hot. Sweat poured down Graeme's brow and back. Looking around himself Graeme was standing alone in a clearing. But it wasn't a natural clearing, smoke and debris was strewn all over the place. With his Tricorder in one hand and a phaser in the other Graeme looked at his Tricorder something was moving. Fast. It seemed to be all around him. Lifting his phaser it was set to KILL. But Graeme never set the phaser. Why was it set to kill? A loud shriek surrounded him. Standing physically shaking with his phaser arm outstretched, he couldn't shake the nerves.::

::A burst of blackness shot out from around him and engulfed him. What was it? The shrieking got louder! It was like Graeme was trapped in the eye of a tornado. But the eye was slowly getting faster and engulfing him. With a scream Graeme drops his phaser and Tricorder. They hit the floor with a thud. Dropping to his knees with his head in his hands in agonising pain. Then it stopped. The pain was gone. The swirling shrieking darkness had gone. Where was he? What was he doing there?::

::Graeme slowly Lifted his head out of his hands and in front of him stood a Klingon. The hulking brute male stood there not moving. Not saying a word. The Klingon lifted his Bat'leth and with a blood curdling roar charged at Graeme.::

Cook: ::Screaming:: NOO!

::In a panic Graeme reached for the phaser. Still on his knees the Klingon swung at Graeme's head. His eyes shut tight and with a scream Graeme fired at the Klingon. Opening his eyes the Klingon was vaporised into a cloud of ash. Slowly getting onto on knee and then standing up. The sun hid behind the canopy. It was getting dark again but not from the setting sun.::

::It started again. The swirling, shrieking darkness consumed Graeme faster this time in almost an instant! As quick as the darkness came it was gone. Back on his knees with his head in his hands but this time there was no pain.::

::Slowly looking up Lyna Namid was on her knees slumped forward she had a huge thick shackle around her neck. Her wrists had smaller shackles which they were all attached by a thick heavy chain. Her flesh around them clearly indicated the shackles were on too tight. The cuts and blood was obvious that Lyna had tried to get out of them. The shackles looked too heavy for her. Lyna lifted her head her fair beautiful flesh was gone, her face was black and blue and covered in blood. Her lips were moving but no words were coming out.::

Cook: Lyna.......

::Lyna looked away from Graeme.::

::Standing up picking up his phaser and Tricorder. Slowly moving to wards her. He stopped. A large black swirling object appeared next to Lyna, her eyes closed. The black object started to take a shape. It was a humanoid. It was Turrisi.::

::Standing over Lyna. Turrisi's mouth was moving but Graeme had no idea what he was saying.::

Cook: I know what you are!....... A Sicarian!

::Standing what looked like Turrisi was laughing. He lifted a hand and put it in his mouth. He pulled hard and revealed a tooth. Still laughing he kicked Lyna hard and with an agonising silent yelp, fell to the floor. Lyna tried to pick herself up but Turrisi placed a foot on her shoulder and pushed her back down. Raising his phaser at Turrisi.::

Cook: Step away from her ::Tears streamed from his eyes.::

::Anger coursed through his body. Graeme. Started to scream but no sound came out. Turrisi was laughing hard still pinning Lyna down. It looked like he pushed a button. In the clearing they were surrounded. Long transmitters were dotted around the clearing. They seemed to kick in with Turrisi still laughing. Graeme standing up felt like he was being pushed to the ground. His muscles burned with the strain. His phaser arm struggling to stay raised with a huge scream Graeme fired a shot and it hit a transmitter. The pressure that was forcing Graeme down ceased. Shaking with the after effects. Graeme stepped forward. Turrisi steps off of Lyna and walks towards Graeme. Looking at Lyna the black swirling storm swooped around Lyna. It engulfed her and she was gone. Walking towards Graeme, Turrisi still laughing stops and stretches out his arms lifting his head laughing. It looked as of he was away to embrace something. The black swirl came from nowhere and engulfed him. Still laughing he quickly looks at Graeme and throws something at Graeme. Diving into a front slide, getting covered in mud his arm was outstretched to catch what ever was thrown.::

::Standing up Graeme looks in his had it was the Sicarian's tooth. Confused a panic comes over Graeme's face. The black swirl appeared from nowhere and engulfed Graeme.::

((End dream.))

::Waking up covered in sweat. Looking around him he was in his bunk. It was a nightmare. Sitting up, wiping his brow. Graeme finds his feet and stands up. Moving to the mirror he notices something he has a rash next to some of the cuts. Was it a toxin in his system? From an exotic plant? Throwing on some clothes graeme rushes to sickbay.::


Ensign Cook - Medical Officer - USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

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