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USS Avandar stumbles into conflict

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TEDLEN SYSTEM – A request for investigative aid has lead the USS Avandar into the middle of a violent confrontation.

In response to a request for Federation aid in investigating a series of strange occurrences, the USS Avandar (NCC-80203) was dispatched to the L’Heia sector, once again under the command of Captain Della Vetri.

What proved to be an uneventful trip turned into something very different, however, when the USS Avandar dropped out of quantum slipstream in the Telden system – and straight into the middle of a space battle. Whilst the ship escaped damage in the crossfire, things were very tense as the crew attempted to establish what was going on, eventually managing to identify one of the engaged forces as local law, whilst the other remains completely unknown.

Attempts to establish communications with either the planet or anyone in local space met with great difficulty due to EM interference in the area, but the orbital fighting died down after one of the unknown vessels, apparently composed of advanced biotechnology, released some form of electrical blast at the Avandar – causing no damage, but provoking a retaliatory shot that severely depleted its defences.

Visual scans established that fighting had also been taking place on the surface, with major damage to the native capital, and whilst a tense three way stand-off developed in space, an away team under Commander Tracey Townson was dispatched to the planet to try and make contact with the locals and assess the situation. Once safely down, the away team found a great deal of damage and casualties, but no apparent sign yet of the attackers themselves. It was soon discovered that whatever had damaged the city was not alone, as there are also signs of increasingly frequent and severe seismic tremors, the cause of which is currently a mystery even to orbital scans from the Avandar’s advanced sensor systems.

As attempts to make contact with the unknown attackers continue, including efforts to identify an apparently telepathic influence that affected Lieutenant JG Fenelli soon after the energy blast hit the Avandar’s shields, the crew are working hard to find some way to try and resolve the situation before more lives are lost. It is proving to be a tricky task, however, and as Capt. Vetri herself stated, “If we’re not careful, we could end up getting mired in this whole mess ourselves.”

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