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StarBase 118 uncovers terrorist plot

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STARBASE 118 — While investigating a destroyed freighter, Starfleet teams have discovered a terrible explosive combination that threatens the entire sector.

In the midst of their investigation of the wreckage of the freighter SS Annabelle’s Lament, teams from StarBase 118 Ops have uncovered a nefarious terrorist plot to create plastic explosives from two common chemicals: calcium trisulfanese, a terraforming fertilizer, and “Gold Dew,” an exotic liquor. Believing this combination spelled doom for the Annabelle’s Lament, intel teams started to investigate the sale of the chemicals in the immediate area and were able to track the source back to the civilian spaceport Miranda VII.

Research uncovered a Romulan company – Emerald Dragon Enterprises – had bought the majority of these chemicals in the last few months. As the crew investigated, engineers and security were called away to investigate potential bombs planted on StarBase 118 by Romulan terrorists connected to the crash of the Cerberas. Security also dealt with an assassin sent to eliminate Zel Rohan, an independent merchant and major informant in the case.

“It’s just one thing after another,” security officer Ensign Mayweather commented. “First a power drop, then an explosion, then shots were fired in the brig, and now we’ve got bombs on the lower decks. And we have to keep all this hush-hush from the civilians because if we have riots three times in a row, I’m sure someone will find a book in some vault and throw it at us. It’s maddening. This is off the record, isn’t it?”

The further security and intel teams dug, the more it became clear that the terrorists who attacked the station with the SS Cerberas and attacked the USS Albion in the Jenatris cloud were connected to this attempted bombing. More worrisome was the news that criminals with previous connections to the presumed defunct Orion Syndicate were the major suppliers of the chemicals used to create the explosives.

Lt. Commander Falcon gathered an away team to head to spaceport Miranda VII to apprehend these criminals and hopefully put a stop to the bombings by cutting off the supply of materials to the terrorist faction. Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Taybrim coordinated teams on Ops to do a full sweep to find and remove any bombs left on the station and apprehend any potential terrorists who planted them.

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