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Now On YouTube - "Star Trek: Renegades"

Paul Sharpe

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Okay if anyone has been looking forward to the new Indie Star Trek film ST: Renegades it is finished and while the uniforms are subject to ones own opinion on like or dislike, the film is actually excellent for an Indie flick and currently it cost nothing to watch, this might change, but if you is interested click the link and be taken to the You Tube site.

The Film is over 1 hour long.


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The sheer professionalism and high-quality production on such a low budget made this a pleasure to watch, but the story, writing and characters made this a great Star Trek episode!

The make-up and costumes especially are equal to the original shows (although I admit to not really caring for the fed uniforms, I cannot criticise their quality). With a better budget for the CGI effects, this could easily sit as a Paramount Trek episode.

Well done! I really hope we get to see more adventures with the Icarus!

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