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Captain Renos, "Heart song."


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((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex, Recovery Room 17))

:: Fingertips gently caressed nir exposed stomach as ne lay on nir back. The sensation was slightly ticklish and very pleasurable causing nem to grin impishly. Renos let nir hand tenderly slide up nir partner’s arm as ne rolled onto nir side. Nir gaze travelled lovingly up his body to his dreamy blue eyes. He had the most charming smile and lips that demanded to be kissed. Pulled by the forces of attraction Renos slowly leaned towards him with parted lips. ::

:: Todd felt relaxed and happy as he listened to the J’naii’s soft murmuring and the beautiful sound of a heart beating just the way he liked it. After everything he’d done for the Captain he felt very proud and deserved this moment. ::

:: He sat cross legged on a seat next to his patient’s bed entering the results of the electric therapy. He had successfully trained Renos’s heart to beat naturally again but it would still take a recovery period to tell whether things would remain stable or not. ::

:: Vivid dreams were highly common after being on the medication he’d used during the procedure so he wasn’t really surprised to hear Renos talking in nir sleep or mumbling incoherently. He remembered a similar experience when he’d been in hospital after the shuttle crash that ended his racing career. He’d dreamt of being a boy again and coming home, excited to see everyone. He'd talked to them all at length as he came into the house. Minutes wore on but there was no response as he searched room by room for them. He realised the house was empty and no one was there. It was like they’d left home without him. He’d been horrified to wake up crying as he had been in the dream with it still very clear in his mind… :: :: He had no idea what Renos was dreaming about but hopefully nothing so unpleasant. Todd grinned at the dark haired patient when ne woke up just minutes later looking surprised. Nir dream was probably still fresh in nir mind too and ne was probably wondering where ne was. ::

Manius: Still in sickbay Renos. How are you feeling?

:: Waking up came as a bit of a reality shock to Renos. Ne was disappointed to find ne’d only been dreaming but also confused about the sexual nature of it. The J’naii had never previously had much interest in anyone leading nem to the conclusion ne was asexual. Ne had always regarded sexuality as fluid, although perhaps more for some than for others. Was this indicative of change? Perhaps ne simply hadn’t found the right person before… Then again maybe these emerging feelings wouldn’t amount to anything meaningful. Ne tried to rationalise them and wished ne were alone to do so. Todd was sitting next to nem, looking at nem. ::

Renos: Hi Todd. I'm okay, I think. A touch groggy...

Manius: So… who is Gordie?

Renos: Gordie?

Manius: Yeah you mentioned him in your sleep.

:: Todd had heard the name recently but couldn’t place it yet. Renos turned a deep shade or red and coverd nir face with a pillow. The J’naii was glad to know Todd was no mind reader but what had ne said? How much did he know? Nir embarrassment wasn’t completely lost on Todd who hadn’t expected the question to create such awkwardness. ::

Renos: I dunno… ::Sheepishly::

::Suddenly it hit Manius like a bolt and his eyebrows hit the roof. ::

:: The chief science officer… Renos had called him Gordie. Hadn't ne? Traenor had tried to sneak in to see Renos, which had been completely unnecessary as he'd have been allowed passage if he’d asked. He remembered chastising the man for glomping Renos leading to his almost immediate departure. Todd didn’t have to see his boss’s face to know nir heart rate was elevated, it was written all over the bedside instruments. All of this, coupled with having witnessed previous interactions had the medic picturing the two of them as a couple. ::

Manius: oO Renos and Traenor? They kept that quiet. Oo

:: His face broke out into a wide grin and he tried to save his commanding officer any further embarrassment. He was sure ne was eager to hear the results of the medical procedure. ::

Manius: Well if you listen carefully you’ll be able to hear the very sweet sound of success. The procedure worked as intended and your heart is now beating in a regular pattern. Obviously the recovery period will be telling but this really is a big step forward.

:: Renos came out from behind the big flumpy pillow and cried tears of joy and relief. That meant ne would soon be reunited with Gordie. And the rest of the crew. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from nir shoulders. Ne wasn’t going to have to leave Starfleet and take up full time work with the J’naii underground. ::

Renos: Thank you Todd, thank you so much.

Manius: You’re welcome. Just remember we’re not out of the woods yet. Once you’ve had a few days rest we’ll need to test you under various conditions to ensure your heart can take the rigours of the job.

:: Further treatments were a possibility if needed but if every time the J’naii had to exercise hard, or deal with stressful situations the atrial fibrillation reocurred then resuming nir career might not be an option. He didn’t want to put a downer on things but also wanted to keep some perspective on things. ::

Renos: Of course.

:: Ne said it in an almost dismissive way and Todd really hoped ne was taking this seriously. As a former medic he was sure that ne would know as well as anyone how big a problem this could be. Then again when you were the patient it wasn’t always easy to see things clearly. He supposed Renos couldn’t really be blamed for wanting to cling onto the hope ne was through the worst of it now. ::

Manius: I’ll be back in a few hours with dinner. Any special requests?

:: Renos shook nir head, Todd finished what he was doing and took his leave, satisfied that ne was stable enough to be given some space. As soon as Renos was left alone ne snuggled back in and thought back to the dream still at the forefront of nir mind. Ne couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Maxwell was a valued colleague and nir closest friend. Few people ever got close to nem but somehow the man had sneaked under nir radar and stolen nir affections. The J’naii was having trouble making sense of it all and wondered if ne was putting too much thought into it all. ::

Renos: oO Come on, it was just a dream. It doesn’t mean anything. Oo

:: Or did it? ::

Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

FWPA 2015 Co-Facilitator =/\= Publicity Team Facilitator


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