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Trellis Vondaryan

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Does anyone have any/much info about games and sports that (still) exist in the Star Trek universe of the late 24th century? I was reading some wiki info about some of the sports that are mentioned at various points, but I can't seem to find a comprehensive list. I'm thinking my character would be a member of a team sport and am trying to find the right one for him.

I was thinking of, particularly, team sports, rather than individual martial arts or meditative activities. Baseball has died out, though football (American and European) seem to still exist. Tom Paris and Harry Kim play ice hockey in a holodeck, but I'm not sure if that's Paris' affinity for history or if the sport would still be popular. Captain Archer loved water polo, but that was 22nd century so I have no idea if it would still be around 200 years later. I don't remember hearing anything about basketball, lacross, field hockey or other team activities. I can't think of any alien team sports being seen much, either. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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What a great question!

Whenever I have a question like this I can't answer about Star Trek, I go to the Star Trek simmer's best friend, Memory Alpha!

(well, second-best friend. SB118 Wiki is the best) :sweating:

Taking a look here, you'll find all the sports that were listed in a canonical reference. They run the whole gamut from old Earth favorites to alien activities, from single player sports to team tournaments. Take a gander through the list, and see if you can find that special sport that matches your character perfectly!

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