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Sunday project: Writing forums outreach, part 2

StarBase 118 Staff

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As part of our ongoing efforts to spread the word about the fun and excitement of simming, this month’s Publicity Project is all about finding new friends on writing forums! We have a list of suitable sites, so all you have to do is select the one that seems most interesting to you and sign up for an account. Or if there’s nothing there that really grabs you, why not check out last month’s writing forums outreach project to help you find something suitable that does?

Anyone can participate, here’s what to do:

1) Select a site to join from below (or find another site to add to the list):

2) Create an account with your chosen website.

3) Introduce yourself in their newbie welcome areas, if they have one.

4) Have a look around for interesting conversations and join in.

5) Before you post any links back to UFOP: Starbase 118, make sure you are familiar with the site’s rules surrounding linking to other site, the use of signatures etc. Once you’ve joined in some conversations update your profile and add a link back to our website. After a couple of weeks of posting  add a link to our website to your signature (if it is permitted by the forum’s rules.)

The goal here is to become a part of the community, so regular participation is important. Even just a couple of minutes spent each week replying to an interesting topic will help raise your profile with your chosen forum and in turn raises our profile too, so try to drop in and participate regularly if you can. We’ve already attracted new members in this way so we know it works, all we need now is your help.

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