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Do you support Bacco's deal to end the Transport Union strike?

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

Bacco's Deal to End Transport Union Strike  

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  1. 1. Do you support President Bacco's agreement with the Federation Transport Union, which calls for private contractors to escort transport convoys to provide protection against piracy?

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HAVE YOUR SAY: Bacco's Deal to End the Transport Union Strike


The Issue

The Federation Transport Union, citing continued Nausicaan pirate attacks and Klingon raids that have killed dozens of transport crews, has been on strike for nearly eight months, with all shipping and transit runs suspended, including those of 812 major shipping carriers. The strike has been an economic crisis throughout the Federation and beyond, devastating the economies of numerous member and allied worlds.

The agreement announced by President Bacco calls for existing Starfleet anti-piracy operationsstretched thin and cited by many colonists to be ineffectiveto be supplemented by private contractors who will escort transport convoys along major trade routes to provide additional protection against pirates and raiders.

Read more about the strike, piracy, and the agreement:

As with all FNS stories, your comments on the current situation are welcome below.

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