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JP: Lt.JG. Haase & Cpt. Blueheart: - The Pact

Lt.JG. Adam Haase

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((OOC: The Full title of this is: Episode 1: SB118 Mystery Hour - The Pact, but unfortunately it was too large to fit in the Topic Title input))

((Blueheart’s Quarters, USS Avandar / Haase’s Quarters, USS Gorkon))

::Adam had recently changed quarters after the sudden invasion of the glass
orb. Finally settling in, he felt compelled to speak with his mentor -
Captain Raj Blueheart, who was now serving aboard the recently commissioned
USS Avandar.::

HAASE: =/\= Computer, establish a linkup with the computer of the USS
Avandar. =/\=

COMPUTER: =/\= Please enter authorized security code =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Haase-Alpha-Twenty-Four-Green =/\=

COMPUTER: =/\= Security code recognized. Linkup has been established =/\=

::Adam walked over to his computer monitor located on his desk, and sat
down in the uncomfortable chair.::

oO I really need to get a new one of these…. Oo

::Tapping a few buttons, he established communication with his former
captain, who was conveniently located in his quarters::

HAASE: =/\= Hello, Captain! =/\=

::Raj was awakened by a pinging. An annoying pinging. Getting up and
rubbing his eyes, he dragged his feet to the computer console and blinked
several times. Tapping a few buttons he stared at a face with one eye open.
After a few seconds, he recognized the face as his former engineer, the
much adored Lt JG Adam Haase. Raj gasped. Was he ready to talk to his
former crew member, let alone see his face? He almost reached out to switch
the computer off. But something prevented him from doing so. Perhaps he
missed the guy too much.::

BLUEHEART: =/\= Adam.. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= It’s good to see you again, sir. Looks like SFI defrosted you
nicely. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::chuckling:: =/\= Yes.. it seems they have. It’s good to see
you too, Adam. =/\=

::He wanted to run away. He still found it difficult to look Adam in the
eye. How can someone look the person they let down ever again in the eye?::

HAASE: =/\= So...I, um…=/\= ::Adam now had no idea what he had wanted to
say. His mind was suddenly blank, a clear sheet of paper. Looking into the
eyes of the obviously tired captain, he brought up the only subject he
could relate on.:: =/\= Why, Raj? How? =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= Um.. I got fired. Ha. Ha. =/\=

::It was just a combination of too little sleep and haunted memories
resulting in extremely poor humor. It was only after a few moments of
silence did he realize that his friend was asking why he had been silent
for so long. For surely their friendship went beyond the call of duty and
actually meant something.::

BLUEHEART: =/\= Oh.. =/\= ::lengthy pause, turning his head away slightly::
=/\= I.. I guess I’m still trying to resolve some guilt. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Guilt? =/\= ::Adam took a pause to keep from sounding upset::
=/\= What guilt? =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= For letting the crew down. For letting you down. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Letting me down? =/\= ::Adam was shocked:: =/\= You didn’t let
any of us down! =/\=

BLUEHEART: oO But I did!! Oo ::bowing his head:: =/\= Maybe.. but it still
feels that way. =/\=

HAASE: ::Adam silently wanted to reach through the monitor and shake some
sense into him:: =/\= You did what you had to do. I never questioned your
motives. I only question Starfleet Intelligence…=/\= ::Adam’s face turned

HAASE: =/\= What did they do to you…. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::shaking his head:: =/\= I wish it were clear to me too.
Everything is a blur. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= The cryo-stasis, the sudden disappearance from the base….and
other intelligence that I’m sure is classified. Can you clear any of this
up? =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::shaking his head again:: =/\= I can’t. That’s what is so
frustrating! All I remember is being drugged, then waking up in some dingy
lab surrounded by surgical instruments. Then the next thing I remember is
walking out of a dungeon and into a frozen wasteland and.. nothing after
that. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= ::astonished:: A dungeon?! Who would have any desire to capture
you? How did SFI know you were there? =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= I don’t know. SF Medical ran a battery of tests on me back
on DS26. They didn’t find anything, or should I say, couldn’t find
anything. All I know is when I regained consciousness, I was back on DS26,
and all I knew was what was revealed to me officially. Everything else was
classified. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= How can they classify your own disappearance from you? That’s
just wrong…. =/\=

::Adam drifted off for a moment, clouded with his own thoughts::

BLUEHEART: =/\= Oh, one other thing! When I was in the lab, I recall
seeing.. seeing a vision of myself. I know it sounds crazy and I may have
been under a lot of drugs, but it was so vivid. It was like staring into a
mirror! Do you think.. do you think that someone who looked like me
could’ve committed the murder? To frame me? I don’t have all the details
only what I read after I was released by Medical. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= I don’t know….this is all so confusing. ::rubbing his eyes in

BLUEHEART: leaning forward close to the screen:: =/\= Promise me! Promise
me we’ll get to the bottom of this! Maybe not now but.. one day! =/\=

HAASE: =/\= I….::starting at Raj::...I promise. =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= And.. =/\= ::A dark shadow swept across his face.:: =/\=
And there’s one other thing, Adam. =/\=

::Adam couldn’t imagine what more there was to discuss, but he listened

HAASE: =/\= Go ahead… =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= Emerson. =/\= ::He almost looked away from the screen
altogether.:: =/\= I need answers! His death.. I can only hold it all
together for so long! I’m ashamed to even say this but I want justice! No!
I want vengeance!! =/\=

HAASE: ::surprised by his sudden rampage:: =/\= Raj….I...I never met
Emerson. =/\= ::looking to the ground, and then into his eyes.:: =/\= But
if he means that much to you….I will do everything in my power to resolve
his death. =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= I don’t want his death to be in vain! Do you understand? He
means the world to me! =/\= oO You still do, my love. Even in death, you
still do. Oo

::Although Adam was thousands of miles from his captain, he could sense the
absolute need for resolution. The need for answers. And he wouldn’t stop
until he got what he wanted. Adam just hoped that Raj wouldn’t take it too

HAASE: =/\= Yes...I understand.=/\= ::sighing:: =/\= I just don’t know what
I can do…=/\=

::A ship-wide comm alerted him to the mission briefing about to take place
in a few minutes.::

BLUEHEART: ::curtly:: =/\= I have to go. Mission briefing. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Understood. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::terse:: =/\= This stays between us, okay? Only between you and
me! =/\=

HAASE: ::Adam grimaced in fear:: =/\= Yes, sir. I understand. But - one
more thing. I need your help as well….sort of a...mutual arrangement. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::arching an eyebrow:: oO The young padawan is learning. Good.
Oo =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Do you remember…=/\=::Adam paused and blushed::...=/\= Mary
Fenelli? =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= Of course. She’s on board with me on the Avandar. What
about her? =/\=

HAASE: =/\= You must keep this confidential. =/\= ::Adam stared intently::

BLUEHEART: =/\= Oh out with it already! =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Her paralysis was not….entirely coincidental. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::voice dropping a tone:: =/\= What are you saying.. .. ? =/\=

HAASE: =/\= I went over a few of the Atlantis’ medical logs. Someone...and
I don’t know who...managed to replicate neurological toxins….unrecognizable
by conventional scanners...to intentionally paralyze her. She was paralyzed
on purpose. =/\=

::He felt like he was hit by a starship flying at warp 9. What was going
on? He felt like he was returning to different life from the one he left
behind before his kidnapping. Suddenly the world was an evil, dark place
filled with evil, dark people.::

BLUEHEART: =/\=No……….. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= I...I can send you the logs. They were well hidden - but I know
how to retrieve lost information. I...I couldn’t believe it myself. =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= I can’t believe this is happening!! =/\= ::He grabbed the
sides of his head with both hands.:: =/\= What did I wake up to?? I wish..
I wish I was never thawed back to life! =/\=

HAASE: =/\= No! You can’t say that. I need you. You need me. Together -- we
can solve these mysteries and determine what really happened. =/\=

::A second reminder shipwide comm interrupted their conversation.::

BLUEHEART: ::hastily:: =/\= We’ll get to the bottom of this! You have my
word! =/\=

HAASE: =/\= Thank you, Sir. Just… =/\= ::pausing:: =/\= You can’t tell
Mary. It would break her heart. =/\=

BLUEHEART: =/\= I won’t. Scout’s honor. =/\= ::finally managing a smile,
albeit a weak one:: =/\= Thanks for calling, Adam. It’s nice to know
someone still believes in an old, washed-up has-been like me. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= You’re not washed-up, sir. In fact - you may be the only one I
can truly trust. =/\= ::Adam’s console beeped.:: =/\= I’d better go. =/\=

BLUEHEART: ::nodding:: =/\= Stay safe, soldier. =/\=

HAASE: =/\= You as well. =/\= ::Adam tapped his monitor and ended the call.
What was happening to the Federation? To Starfleet? How were we so easily
infiltrated? Adam would determine this, if it was the last thing he ever

::The connection was terminated. He only leaned back for a second, to heave
a great sigh, before jumping out of his seat to head to the briefing room.::

Stay tuned for the next installment of SB118 - Mystery Hour


Lt JG Adam Haase

Engineering Officer

USS Gorkon




Captain Raj Blueheart

Chief Medical Officer

USS Avandar



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