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Cadet Charlotte deBarres - Bird Droppings


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((Earth - Star Fleet Academy - Near the shore))

::DeBarres was sitting on a bench near the bay, she put down her PADD and looked out at the water. It had been a good couple of weeks at the academy. She had skipped her 3rd year cadet classes and was now ranked as a 4th year cadet. The two years as a crew member and her work on the Victory and Vigilant had convinced the brass that she would just be wasting her time spending her third year with her classmates. Not that she even considered them her classmates. She had spent most of her academy class time via subspace and serving in the engineering department.::

::She had far more practical experience aboard a starship then probably the entire 3rd year class combined. Any ways being on Earth wasn't a picnic. She missed deep space, as she had spend the vast majority of her life aboard a ship of one type or another. Most of her time extra time these days was taking tests to stay out of classes. Sure there were some required classes she had to take, but with her experience getting out of a lot of them had been not too difficult.::

::She had learned that most of her crew from the Victory had transferred to the USS Gorkon. The sounds of the seagulls snapped her back from the day dream of deep space and back to the here and now.::

DeBarres: What test is next?

::She picked up the PADD and looked it see that it was her final exam for her piloting skills test.::

DeBarres: Good grief. I can pilot a balky freighter into a repair facility without a scratch.

::Charlotte had been raised on the long haul space freighter and had done everything at one time or other aboard the ship.::

::She paused for a moment.::

DeBarres: Alight, one little scratch. Any ways the starboard thrusters were out.

::She started to review the requirements of the test and it was important that everything was done the "Federation" way.::

DeBarres: I think a bit more holotime... just to make sure.

::She pressed to the PADD and made a reservation in a holodeck to work out any kinks that might crop up. Just then a small white spot appeared on the bench next to her. There was a noise from one of the sea gulls hovering over her looking for some food.::

::She looked at the bird dropping and then up at the sea gull.::

DeBarres: Go away! ::Waving her hand at the bird.:: Wonderful, just wonderful.::Dryly.:: Give me a star ship any day. This is for the birds. Got to finish up and get away from here.

::She looked away from the ugly bird dropping and back out to the San Francisco bay.::

(PNPC) Charlotte DeBarres
4th year

SIMmed by Eerie
Serial number # A238803E10
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