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Updating the ST Encyclopedia!

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I would love to get it but yeah at that price it won't happen.

Ditto! I loved my old Encyclopedia back in the day and I'd get this just for the sake of having a reference guide when I'm not online -- but, wow, they're really pushing it with that hundred dollar tag! I think my old one was maybe thirty bucks new, back when I ogled it in and then finally bought it from Waldenbooks.

Still, it's pretty awesome that there's a new one being released! Maybe the price'll come down after a few months.

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Surely there will also be an electronic version, yes? Downloadable, maybe bundled with the print version. I mean, if it's good enough for Encyclopædia Britannica, it's good enough for Trek.

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No, no, no. Something of this magnificence must be held. Displayed. Worshiped.

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