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Capt Renos and LtCmdr Traenor, "Nice Try Buddy"


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((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex))

::After so long an interminable period of time, Maxwell Traenor could stand it no longer. He knew that his captain and friend Renos had been placed in a medically-induced coma in order to facilitate nir healing, but no other info had been forthcoming since. All he knew was, “no visitors allowed!” But, that just wouldn’t deter the obstinate scientist.::

::Technically, with his assignment to acting first officer of the Darwin, Maxwell should be wearing the maroon collar of the Command track. Thankfully though, he had some teal Science uniforms still left hanging in his closet, and it was one of these that he had donned. As well, sneaking into the Darwin’s sickbay, he had absconded with both a medical lab coat and a medical tricorder. He made his way onto Deep Space 6, and wearing his (admittedly) weak disguise, he furtively moved through the vast medical complex of the station. Every time a nurse or doctor passed by, he made to stop at a door and look carefully at the label, or lifted a PADD to his face as if studying a chart. Heart thumping with the tension of his pathetic ruse, Maxwell slunk through one twisted hallway after another, with one clear goal in mind. Find his friend.::

::Todd did a double take as he followed a man along the corridor acting a little strangely. He seemed a bit skittish and kept stopping to check things. With a smirk he realised who it was and what he was up to. Thinking that his farce had seemed to go mostly unnoticed, and finally starting to feel that he might get away with the ruse, Maxwell jumped when he felt a firm hand clasp down on his shoulder. ::

Manius: Nice try buddy.

Manius: oO If he’d called I’d have given him an update. Oo

Traenor: What? Hey, Doc! What’s up? Imagine seeing you here… ::affecting an obviously forced jovial tone::

Manius: You know, if you’d asked I’d have happily told you that Renos is now awake and accepting visitors…

Traenor: Oh. Yeah. Well, I knew that…

Manius: Of course that’s why you didn’t don a disguise and try to sneak yourself in.

:: His tone was flat and totally serious. Part of him couldn’t understand how the man was smart enough to get to Lieutenant Commander and even be given the opportunity to serve as acting first officer - but didn’t have the sense to call in for a status report. He was either too smart for his own good or missing his friend to the point of not thinking too clearly. The other part was amused and impressed that Traenor cared enough about Renos to try and sneak his way in to see nem. ::

::Embarrassed by the obvious lie he had just told someone who could see right through it, Maxwell cleared his throat noisily and shoved the awkwardly held medical tricorder into the pocket of the ill-fitting lab coat.::

Traenor: ::harrumphing:: Well then, is there any chance you can point me towards nir room?

::Led to the door of the private suite where Renos was housed, Traenor found himself pausing just outside. He had heard the stories, the descriptions of the terrible state that ne had been in when they had retrieved nem from the enemy warship. He feared his reaction to what he would find when he lay eyes on his friend for the first time since the debilitating injuries had been incurred. The all-too familiar warring emotions since nir abduction bubbled up within him again, those of abject fear of loss, and also of indescribable rage towards those who would do such a thing to Renos. Both emotions were ones that very seldom reared themselves within the normally jovial, easygoing man, so their presence together at this time were almost paralyzing. Taking a deep breath in a mostly successful attempt to steel himself, Maxwell poked his head in through the doorway.::

Traenor: ::quietly:: Renos, are you awake? ::finally seeing nem alive, in the flesh, his emotions boiled over:: Oh, my gods. My dear friend.

:: Renos’s spirits immediately rose to see Gordie and ne gave him a small, goofy grin. Ne’d missed him more than any other while held prisoner on Raikenoff’s ship and worried about never seeing him again. The captain had realised their friendship was the strongest personal connection ne had. ::

Renos: Gordie you have no idea how happy I am to see you again…

::Whether it was truly nir state, or a projection of Traenor’s own thoughts as to Renos’s vulnerability, all Maxwell could see was a frail, damaged J’naii in the place of the idealized strong, stoic captain that stood large in his mind. Without thought to propiety or consequence, Maxwell swooped into the room and collected Renos in a large, smothering hug.::

Traenor: ::voice muffled and choked, face pressed against nir shoulder:: Don’t you ever leave me again like that!

:: Caught unawares Renos was too slow to wrap nir arms around him and hug him back but ne didn’t realise how much ne needed the hug until ne was wrapped in it. The J’naii really didn’t want it to end. Renos didn’t know what to think but the little spark of hope ne held seemed to grow and burn more fiercely in nir heart.::

::Letting go and stepping back, Maxwell blinked in shock and modesty for his Freudian slip. Clearing his tear-choked throat unsuccessfully, he nervously smoothed the hospital gown’s shoulders where he had ruffled them and spoke again in a gruff voice.::

Traenor: Us. Don’t you ever leave us again like that.

:: The J’naii’s heart beat with excitement and ne suddenly felt uncharacteristically nervous. Just what was ne thinking? Pushing down nir emerging feelings before they had a chance to be recognised or dashed ne replied hastily and bashfully. ::

Renos: Yeah, yeah, I’ll try not to make a habit of it. ::Chuckling nervously::

:: The gruff medic smirked at the pair of them and shook his head. He’d taken note of the Captain’s increased heart rate and was interfering early. ::

Manius: Okay cuddles back it up. The Captain’s got a heart condition and doesn’t need people throwing themselves at nem.

Renos: ::A little irritably:: Watch your mouth Todd, that’s out of line. There’s no need to be so rude. If anyone’s causing a strain on my heart around here its you.

Traenor: No, he’s right, Renos. We need you to heal, and come back to us soon. We’ll have time enough to talk later. For now, I’m just happy to see you up and about.

::His words were simple enough, but Maxwell could feel what was left unspoken between the lines. He had admitted a dependency on Renos’s presence more than even he had realized before, a close friendship that bordered on family. No, he amended, just like family. And, he noted with satisfaction that he hadn’t been rebuffed. This wasn’t a conversation to be held in front of Manius anyways, it could wait for a more appropriate time.::

:: Renos let out a long exasperated sigh. Ne wasn’t upset with Gordie for agreeing with Todd, rather ne wished Todd hadn’t spoiled the moment. He’d barely arrived but was set to flee already. It was almost too much to bear. Ne wanted him to stay awhile, to tell him how much he’d been missed and reach out to take his hand but that hardly seemed appropriate. ::

Renos: Well thanks for stopping by.

Traenor: Any time, my friend, and I’ll be back soon.


Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

and guest starring PNPC Dr Manius - Medic

FWPA 2015 Co-Facilitator =/\= Publicity Team Facilitator



LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - Acting First Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
Graphic Contest Taskforce =/\= Publicity Team


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