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USS Thunder-A returns from prehistoric past

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LUXIS SYSTEM – The crew of the USS Thunder-A is relaxing at the Embassy of Duronis II after a Jurassic ordeal.

Returning from the Jurassic period of time, the crews of the USS Thunder-A and support vessel USS Bronwyn were allowed an unscheduled shore leave to help give both crews time to recuperate from their ordeal. Unfortunately Colonel Tyr Walters and Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker sustained wounds, but both men are healing. Parker is resting at his new home under the care of his wife, and Walters is at Rear Admiral Toni Turner’s home under Turner’s supervision to allow the medical staff time to relax.

Lieutenant Toni Lupo, who was bitten by a Jurassic bug, has discover that she is now growing a tail. She reported that the bug attached itself to her spine, and is causing the phenomenon. Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Irina Pavlova and Lt. Aurora James have asked Turner to officiate at their marriage during their time off duty.

Shore leave will continue until the crews receive orders for their next mission, but in the mean time, Turner is preparing for a Federation inquisition for infractions of the Prime Directive while they were trapped within the anomaly.

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