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We’re relaunching the USS Avandar – want to join the crew?

StarBase 118 Staff

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A new frontier has been opened, with age-old mysteries hidden within its depths. On the far side of Romulan space, unknown worlds await discovery, and the call of exploration can be heard once more! Returning to that new frontier, the USS Avandar heeds a call for aid, setting out once more to fulfil Starfleet’s mission – to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no one has gone before!

luna-ani This week, we welcome back to the fleet our first Luna-class vessel, the USS Avandar. Again under the command of Captain Della Vetri, this ship launch is critical to opening new positions throughout the fleet for incoming ensigns and returning members.

Click here to check your eligibility, find out more information, and submit your transfer request. Your promotion progress goes with you to the new ship!

Act quickly if you’re interested – new ship rosters usually fill-up within 48 hours of our first announcement going out.

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