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Lt JG Fenelli & Lt JG Hasse - Remembering Old Faces


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::In all the confusion, Mary closed her eyes to stop the world around her. She smiled when the first thing that came to her mind was Adam Haase.::

((Flashback - SD 239207.15))

((USS Atlantis - Hallway en route to Shuttlebay))

::Adam walked through the hallways where he’d spent the last six months of his life. It was his home, his shelter, his resting place. It was his sanctuary from the outside world - a place where nothing could really happen to him. It felt as if he was being torn from a friend, one who had protected him, and now in its time of need Adam was abandoning it. Continuing to the shuttlebay, Adam brushed his hands across the walls that he might never see again. Incidentally, he bumped into a walking Lt.JG. Fenelli. For those unaware, this might seem like nothing special - but for the last five months Mary had been paralyzed and unable to move without the use of a hoverchair.::

HAASE: ::Adam looked up from his PADD:: Well hello, Lieutenant!

::Mary bumped into Adam, someone in which she hadn’t seen in forever. She remembered the first time they had met, and she smiled. She wiggled both of her legs to show Adam that she was up and walking again. Many memories of the Atlantis filled Mary’s head and a tear or two slipped from her eye.::

FENELLI: ::Mary nodded.:: Lieutenant.

::Hearing the word Lieutenant spoken to her sounded very strange. Mary liked it though, she felt as if she was finally unafraid. Maybe she had just needed a rank change to chase away her fear.::

HAASE: ::Adam slipped a PADD into his back pocket:: It’s been quite some time! I see that you’re finally up and about. ::Adam smiled.:: Do you know which shuttle you’ve been assigned to yet?

FENELLI: Feels good to be able to walk. I haven’t gotten my space legs back completely yet.::Mary looked at Adam and looked back down. She felt a strange feeling when he was next to her. Mary blushed realizing what that feeling was. She looked back up at Adam.:: As for the shuttle, I was assigned to the…::Mary quickly took a glance at her PADD.:: The Hawthorne. How about you?

HAASE: ::Adam grinned:: Wow! What a coincidence. So am I! ::Adam picked up a small bag of luggage on the floor next to him, and placed the strap over his shoulder.:: Well, since we seem to be heading in the same direction, may I? ::Adam extended his arm::

FENELLI: Quite a gentlemen.::Mary moved her two bags of luggage to her other shoulder and placed her hand over Adam’s arm. oO If only he knew. Oo Mary had had a crush on Adam since she has first met him, it was like love-at-first-sight. Mary knew Adam couldn’t possibly feel the same way about her.::

::Adam gently gripped her arm, and they began to make their way to the shuttlebay. Adam gazed over to Mary. He always had affection for her - but because of her condition it hadn’t really progressed any further. Now, they were both transferring out. Their ships had yet to be determined. Adam silently prayed that he would be placed with her. Continuing to their destination, Adam noticed an officer searching the floor for some odd reason. Adam stopped to see if he could assist in any way.::

HAASE: Um, excuse me. What exactly are you looking for?

MOLINARY: ::stuttering in flustration:: M..my….Jeffrey.

HAASE: Your….Jeffrey?

MOLINARY: ::He began to head down the hallway, eyes glued to the floor:: Yes….my Jeffrey. My best friend.

HAASE: This Jeffrey….was he an officer?

MOLINARY: ::The man stopped and shot an annoyed glare in Adam’s direction.:: Of course not, stupid. He’s my pet mouse.

HAASE: ::somewhat offended:: Alrighty. Can we help you find it?

MOLINARY: No! You might step on him.

::Adam rolled his eyes.:: oO We might step on him whether we’re looking for it or not Oo

HAASE: Okay. But if you need any help, just give me a call.

::The young man continued to work without giving any sign of recognition. Adam again extended his arm to Mary.::

HAASE: Shall we?

::Mary looked over her shoulder at the young man looking for his “best friend”. oO How strange, a pet as your best friend.Oo Mary looked to Adam and once again lightly placed her hand on his arm. A worried look filled her face. She was afraid she wouldn’t be on the same ship as him. He was one of the only reasons Mary got by when she first came aboard the Atlantis, how could she face moving to another ship that was without him?::

FENELLI: And away we go! ::Mary giggled and continued down the corridor with Adam. Mary wanted to ask him a question, she had wanted to ask him since the day they met. She finally decided now would be a good time to ask, but she couldn’t seem to get the words out. Instead, she stared at Adam with a blank expression on her face.::

::Adam felt like skipping with joy and singing “Over the river and through the woods from Atlantis we will go!” but that would be totally uncalled for - and besides, It might be hard for Mary to keep up with all of her luggage. Instead, they slowly made their way to the shuttlebay, and boarded the Hawthorne.::

((USS Atlantis - Shuttlebay - USS Hawthorne))

HAASE: Well, this will be our home for the next 13 hours until we dock at Starbase 118. Have any special requests before I throw my stuff on the floor? ::Adam snickered in amusement::

FENELLI: ::Mary shrugged her shoulders.:: Can you help me get my bags off? ::Mary pointed to her two luggage bags that hung over her arm. She smiled at Adam.:: Sorry, I don’t pack light.

HAASE: ::under his breath:: Do any women?

::Adam grabbed the bags from Mary’s arms as well as his own and placed them into the storage locker. Turning around, he stood in awe as the man who was searching the floor had entered their craft::

HAASE: Your mouse isn’t in here, sir.

MOLINARY: I know. ::He began to sob:: I was ordered to head to my shuttlecraft.

HAASE: ::Surprised:: This is your shuttlecraft?

MOLINARY: Yup. Hawthorne.

HAASE: ::Adam looked to Mary and rolled his eyes. Sighing, he opened the storage locker:: Go ahead and place your stuff in here.

::The man complied, and Adam sat in the pilot’s seat::

FENELLI: ::Mary too rolled her eyes and sighed. oO Please keep all hands arms feet and legs inside the shuttlecraft. And you back there? Sit down, no crawling on the ground, and no talking.Oo Mary walked over to the tactical station and sat down next to Adam.:: If I fall asleep, don’t wake me up.

HAASE: Oh, I won’t. ::Whispering to Mary:: But if he crawls under your seat, he might. ::Adam laughed under his breath::

FENELLI: Oh no..::Mary looked at the young man behind her and squinted at him.:: If he crawls under my seat, so help me I’ll…::Mary paused and stood up, still squinting at the young officer. She walked to the back of the shuttle and engaged the replicator.::

FENELLI: Computer, two german chocolate cakes. ::In an instant, the computer beeped and formed two perfectly crafted cakes. Mary licked her lips in delight. oO Come to Mama...Oo Mary picked up the cakes and walked back to her console, placing one in Adam’s lap.:: It’s not illegal to eat and drive…::Mary smiled at him and sat down.::

HAASE: ::Adam grunted with the weight of the cake.:: Perhaps not. ::He smiled.:: Do you think mouse man…::Adam stopped himself::...the Lieutenant back there would like one?

FENELLI: ::Mary looked at the man that was just minutes ago on the floor searching for his best friend.:: Ugh…::Mary sighed. She was happy sitting next to Adam, but it was like he didn’t want to sit next to her. Mary frowned.:: He doesn’t look hungry.

HAASE: Okay. ::Adam began to work on the console.:: Computer, estimated time to departure?

COMPUTER: =/\= Approximately 10 minutes. =/\=

HAASE: Well, we’ve got some time to spare. ::He looked down to his cake, ready to enjoy.:: But...I can’t eat this cake. I have no utensil. ::He looked to his fingers:: Well, they worked in primary school.

::Mary looked at Adam. She already had dug her fingers into her cake and had cherries smeared on her face. oO I probably look like I’m back in Primary school.Oo Mary hid her hands behind her back and tried to cover up her face. She had cake stuffed in her mouth, but still she attempted to speak.::

FENELLI: ::Muffled voice.:: I can replicate you one if you’d like. ::Mary swallowed hard trying to push the cake down her throat.::

HAASE: That would probably be best. ::Adam did his best to refrain from laughing. Grabbing the newly replicated fork, he sliced into chocolatey heaven. Within a few minutes, it was time for launch, and Adam placed the cake back into the replicator, unhappy that he had been unable to scarf it down in the time he had. He input the code for launch, and as soon as they were cleared, they left the Atlantis.:: Goodbye, old friend. May we meet again.

MOLINARY: ::Attempting to do a southern accent:: See yeh, ya old bucket o’ bolts. Space ain’t big enough for the two uh us. ::He cackled with laughter::

::Adam and Mary glared blankly at him, and he stopped::

MOLINARY: You two are no fun.

FENELLI: ::Mary looked out the window of the shuttle, and tears began to fill her eyes and stream down her cheeks. Mary waved at Atlantis as they left.:: Good bye, Atlantis. ::Mary tried to hold back more tears that threatened to spill over onto her soft cheeks. Mary took a napkin to her tear stained face and dabbed her eyes with it. She could only hope that she would see the Atlantis once again.::

((End Flashback))

A Joint Post Brought To You By:

Lt.JG. Adam Haase

Engineering Officer

USS Gorkon


Writer #A239112TJ0


Lt.JG Mary Fenelli

HCO Officer

USS Invicta

Writer #A239201MF0


Lt.JG. Javier Molinary (PNPC)

Com/Ops Officer

USS Gorkon


as simmed by:

Lt.JG. Adam Haase
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