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CAPT Leo Handley-Page & LCDR Kaitlyn Falcon - Catching Up

Robert Falcon

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(( Ops Command Center; Starbase 118 ))

::Kaitlyn, PADD in hand, stepped out of the turbolift into the Command Center. They’d all had some time to depressurize, which they sorely needed, and now that she had a calm head, there was something Kaitlyn needed to say to Leo.::

::Not that this was their first time talking since the mission ended. Since getting to the station, Kaitlyn and Leo got to talk on a daily basis, with many of their meals shared. She wouldn’t call it common-place yet, though. The concept of actually being able to see and interact with Leo on a daily basis was still novel and exciting. Their relationship had survived a difficult long-distance period. In her mind, that boded well for them.::

::She approached his ready room door. Though Leo had long since told her to just come in whenever, she still felt it right to ring the chime. After all, he probably wouldn’t want some Admiral seeing a girl rush in from the side and start making out with him out of the blue.::

::Then again, she thought with a smirk, that might be fun.::

::Kaitlyn tapped the chime.::

((Captain’s Ready Room; Hub; Starbase 118))

:: Leo was sitting at his desk, cup of tea half drunk. The chimed was unexpected, but not a surprise. He was a popular port of call for the crew, and Leo was only to happy to lend an ear to their concerns.::

Handley-Page: Come...

::She slipped through the door, giving him his customary smile as the door slid shut behind her.::

Falcon: Hello, my prince.

:: Leo beamed at the sight of his red-headed princess. This was the best result possible. He stood up and walked around the desk.::

Handley-Page: It is good to see you. How are you today?

Falcon: I’m doing fantastic. ::Smiles.:: How are you?

Handley-Page: Excellent. Yes, I am doing fine. Checked on all the injured and new crew. All’s tickety-boo…

::He gave her a hug, Kaitlyn squeezing him tightly and giving him a kiss on his cheek.::

Handley-Page: Would you like a drink?

Falcon: I’d love one!

Handley-Page: No problemo. I know what you like!

::As Leo went to the replicator, Kaitlyn made her way toward the couch. She looked over to him again before she’d even sat down.::

Falcon: First things first, how’s Nia?

:: Leo joined her, drink in hand.::

Handley-Page: There you go…

::Leo passed the cup to Kaitlyn, and then sat next to her and sighed. Kaitlyn took her first sip of delicious chai as he started.::

Handley-Page: She’s doing well, thanks, all things considered. The Docs have her dosed up on drugs to keep her mind… stable. Talking to her she was as chirpy as could be expected.

::Kaitlyn nodded her understanding. She remembered the look on Leo’s face when Nia had suddenly wandered onto Albion’s bridge, sounding extremely… different. To hear that his sister was even a bit better than that was a good thing.::

Falcon: That’s a good start, if nothing else. ::Another sip.:: What happens next?

:: Leo sighed again.::

Handley-Page: Longer term, I’m not sure the procedure. Whatever that monster did to her on the Noguwip, it’s not going to be cured easily.

::Kaitlyn sighed as well, shaking her head.::

Falcon: ::Muttered.:: [...]s… ::Another sip.::

Handley-Page: I will not let this rest. I will hunt that serpent down and save my sister’s sanity.

::Kaitlyn looked to Leo again, one eyebrow slightly raised in curiosity.::

Falcon: You have an idea of where they came from?

:: Leo pondered her question for a moment. He wondered if his suspicions were correct, but he wanted to confide in Kaitlyn.::

Handley-Page: I recognise all the hallmarks of the Noguwip and its crew…. they are….

::That trail off spoke volumes to her. She remembered their conversation not too long before, just after the Noguwip departed the station. If he was shaken up that much about the revelation, it had to be…::

Falcon: Byzallians?

Handley-Page: Yes, Byzallians…. well :: he paused:: They once were Byzallians. Now they are mere monstrous puppets.

Falcon: Taree, and Y-rocck? ::Slight head tilt.:: Puppets?

Handley-Page: Aye, I am coming to the opinion that both the demons we had aboard the station who came here from the Vytak, and our would-be saviours - the Noguwip were in fact dancing from the same string.

:: Leo’s voice had gone from merely sad to haunting. If his fears were confirmed, then his and Nia’s location was now known to the ONE being in the galaxy they needed to hide from.::

::Kaitlyn leaned back, taking another sip of her chai as she thought. She held the mug before her, tapping its side with one finger.::

Falcon: Given what’s happen with Nia, I can see where that idea came from. Question is, is there any proof?

:: Leo puffed out his cheeks.::

Handley-Page: I don’t have any hard proof, especially as the demon’s body was conveniently vapourised by the Noguwip, but the whole episode stank of my homeworld. Demons and monsters aren’t normal encounters for Starfleet, but they are an everyday occurrence on Byzatium. Believe me, I spent eight long years there.

::Part of her wanted to remind Leo of her own history, if only to assure him that he wasn’t the only one who had encountered demons, but he was already well aware of the fact, and this was hardly the time to bring it up.::

Falcon: ::Nods.:: I believe you.

Handley-Page: But it seems now that whatever warped experiments they are up to have progressed to telepathy, and what’s worse… their tentacles have reached the Starbase, and Nia in particular. It’s like they are searching me out and trying to drag me back… but if we are to cure Nia, I may have no choice.

::Kaitlyn set her chai on a nearby end table, shifting closer to Leo and reaching out to take his hands in hers.::

Falcon: Hey… Whatever happens, Leo, I’m here to help.

:: Leo clasped Kaitlyn’s soft hands in his.::

Handley-Page: That means so much to me, but in all honesty I would want to keep you away from that Hell if at all possible. Besides, we will need some extra muscle.

::Kaitlyn gave him what she hoped was a confident smile.::

Falcon: Then we call in some backup. No one’s too big to stop, no matter what they have up their sleeves.

Handley-Page: He has very big sleeves…

:: Leo said that with a hint of menace. He knew quite well who the *HE* was that he referred to.::

Falcon: If it helps you feel any better… ::Holds out PADD.:: My one piece of actual business. Update on Albion. EDMC Jemeth’s had the repair crews pushing hard on repairs. Most of the major systems are 100%, and he expects the remaining systems to be back up and ready by the day after tomorrow.

:: Leo was pleased with the change of conversation subject, and his face rose into a soft smile.::

Handley-Page: Jolly good, Jemeth is a top bloke, eh?There’s life in the old girl yet, still packing a punch..

Falcon: We never HOPE for a pounding out there, but it’s good to know she’s up for a scrap.

Handley-Page: Aye.

:: Leo took another sip of tea, and then placed the cup down. He looked into Kaitlyn’s eyes, and saw the warmth and confidence that burned in them. He also noticed how pretty her hair was in this dappled light. He leaned forward.::

Handley-Page: When are you off duty?

::She made a show as if looking at a wristwatch, then looked back up with a smile.::

Falcon: ‘Bout five minutes ago.

Handley-Page: Got any plans?

Falcon: Nothing major. ::Leans forward.:: I did have something else I wanted to talk to you about, though.

::Kaitlyn held up a forestalling hand, knowing how those words sounded to any man when spoken by any woman.::

Falcon: Nothing bad, don’t worry. Just something I noticed that I wanted to mention.

:: Leo smiled warmly.::

Handley-Page: Fire away, my dear.

::Kaitlyn leaned back into the sofa, keeping her arm outstretched to continue grasping Leo’s hand.::

Falcon: Well, we’ve been through a lot since we got to the station, and more than once the situations seems a lot more risky than either of us would’ve liked.

Handley-Page: Aye, that is very true. Not the quiet posting I had been hoping for. Sorry for dragging thee here.

Falcon: The only thing that ever worried me about being here, about working with you again in the positions we’re in, is that… Well, that you might let our relationship affect your decisions. That in the heat of the moment, you’d hold me back from doing my job.

Handley-Page: Really? I wouldn’t dare. I am more scared of you than all the monsters in the galaxy! Although I do worry about you when you’re out of sight.

:: He winked at her.::

::Kaitlyn smirked, managing a chuckle.::

Falcon: Be that as it may, you haven’t. I know you didn’t want to send me over to the Asphodel, but you did. I know you didn’t want to let me go roving across the Promenade, either, but you let me. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it, and that it lets me know you have confidence in me. ::Smiles.::

Handley-Page: Seriously, I trust you to be able to handle yourself as good as anyone, and better than most. In fact, I feel safer when you are around. I know you’ve always got my back.

Falcon: ::Smiles.:: That was never in doubt.

Handley-Page: And I have yours.
To Be Continued...
Captain Leo Handley-Page
Commanding Officer; Starbase118 Ops

"Professional Daydreamer & Rural Spaceman"


Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon

Chief Helm Officer

Starbase 118 / U.S.S. Albion


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