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USS Darwin investigates distress call on Zakdorn IV

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ZAKDORN IV – During a routine patrol, the USS Darwin-A changed course to respond to an urgent distress call.

With the worries of Asav still fresh in their minds, the crew, under the captain’s instructions, headed straight for Deep Space 6 for some rest and relaxation. Once on the station, it wasn’t long before the crew was called before Captain Hallam to hear charges against Commander Renos. With Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas providing the evidence, many of the crew felt the need to defend their commanding officer against the vexatious charges. With Commander Renos’s words of defense combined with the crew’s, Captain Hallam reaffirmed the Commanders worth and revealed the true nature of the formal meeting.

“Before this hearing was convened, I received an official message from Starfleet Command. Now seems a fitting time to deliver it to you and the crew. It reads… gotcha!” exclaimed Captain Hallam as the looks of despair slowly changed to exclamations.

Lt. Cmdr. Thomas produced the commander’s fourth pip, that of the rank of captain and placed it on his collar. As the haze cleared from everyone’s eyes, the crew promptly congratulated their newly promoted captain.

With formalities aside, some days later the USS Darwin-A left Deep Space 6 and headed for a standard patrol through the sector. However, as any seasoned officer knew, standard patrols were anything but easy, and the Darwin picked up a distress call from Zakdorn IV. As it is an important planet in the region, the Darwin wasted no time in changing course and heading straight for the planet. Little details were known about the nature of the distress, since the call was simply a beacon and it lacked any sort of audio or indication of the problem.

Before the crew of the Darwin had any chance of mounting a successful rescue mission to the surface, an unknown shuttle seemingly launched from the surface and made a direct line for the Darwin’s hull. Thinking quickly, Lt. Cmdr. Rennyn was able to avoid the shuttle and captured it in one swoop. Bringing it quickly inside the sphere, a team was assembled to crack open the contents of the shielded shuttle. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that the shuttle was empty, as the Darwin’s sensors had suggested. However the crew did not hold the same faith. Work began immediately to discover the true intention of the shuttle and it’s crew’s whereabouts.

Down on the surface Lt. Cmdr. Traenor and his team setup a triage facility to help those most injured. With a growing list of injuries, the team quickly realized the scale of the disaster. The industrial facility had suffered severe damage which had resulted in a significant release of toxic gases into the air. Doing their best, the team worked through the injured and provided assistance where they could. Not yet discovered was the cause of the facilities’ damage or the true nature of the toxins all around them.

On the Darwin, the bridge crew were met with their own problems. Their sensors picked up an unidentified ship with unknown tactical abilities. With no idea what the ship’s intentions were, the crew remained cautious and hoped that the teams on the surface would not be forced to engage in combat. With Lt. Cmdr. Walker in Engineering doing her best to provide shields, they had only thirty minutes of power, after which the Darwin would be defenseless.

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