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JP - Lt.JG. Adam Haase & Lt. T'Var Helling - To Form A Friends

Lt.JG. Adam Haase

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((USS Atlantis - Deck Two - The Trident))

::The turbolift came to a stop with the introductions completed, and both
officers stepped out. Walking into the Trident, both sat down. At first, no
one spoke. But little by little, Adam gained the courage to take his eyes
away from the large window, and engaged T'Var.::

HAASE: So, what were those ideas you talked about? I’m just bursting with

HELLING: You remember in the briefing Commander Townson said we may have to
infiltrate Holonna. I’m just, ::T’Var hesitated:: I’ve been thinking over

HAASE: I'm good at keeping secrets. ::Adam inched forward a bit:: Go
ahead...I'm all ears.

HELLING: ::T’Var considered him for a moment.:: Alright, ::leaning forward
on her elbows.:: We know that the inhabitants of Holonna look a lot like
humans, right?

HAASE: Yes. In fact, they are almost indistinguishable - except for a
trained eye in anatomy.

HELLING: Exactly, so we can send a human away team down to search for the
Captain. Braddock and I can monitor the group’s progress from the ship,
guide them or advise them as need be.

HAASE: But, and I’m not saying this from a tactical perspective since I’m
not, but don’t you think we should conduct a bit of surveillance first? I
mean, what if they wear strange clothing? We’d need to replicate it. What
if they have scanning devices for incoming citizens? They may track the
slightest difference in anatomy. I would agree that this sounds paranoid,
but we must be certain. We don’t want to lose anyone else. Losing the
Captain was enough. ::Adam sighed. Crossing his arms, he placed them on the
table as a pillow for his head.::

HELLING: True and if we can find a possible diplomatic solution I would be
thrilled. Obviously we try talking first, but I’ll leave that up to
Commander Townson or our new diplomatic officers. Negotiations have never
been my strong point. But if that fails, we scan the planet, send in a
probe if necessary, try to locate the Captain that way. And again if that
fails, then we turn our attention to a infiltrate and rescue mission. Our
scans should show us what kinds of clothing they wear and should reveal any
sensor nets. We may be able to hack into any surveillance equipment they
have, but that would take time we may not have. Kidnapped Captains have a
tendency to not end up in the best shape, I’d rather get him back on board
in one piece.

HAASE: Hmmm…::Adam pulled a PADD from his back pocket:: I have an idea.
::With a few clicks and taps, he had retrieved every piece of information
on the inhabitants of Holonna.:: Perhaps, we could adapt personal dampening
field to each one of you, allowing you to look, sound, and anatomically be
one of them. No medical problems, no scanning problems, no dialect
problems. We’d automatically program their vernacular into the systems for
your continued use. How does that sound? ::Adam always became excited when
he figured something out. Especially if it had to do with dampening fields.
In fact, his thesis at the Vulcan Science Academy was on dampening fields
and subspace harmonics. Quite a different subject indeed, but his mind was
wandering. He focused back on T’Var.::

HELLING: ::T’Var considered him for a time, mulling it over.:: Maybe I
really did need an engineer’s point of view. You’d make a good tactical
officer. ::Interlocking her fingers beneath her chin she leaned in, eyes
locked with Adam’s.:: It’s an interesting idea, and highly plausible,
would it work just for small changes, like with humans or also for more...
::she paused, trying to decide upon the right word.:: ...extreme
differences, like, for example, Klingons?

HAASE: In fact, you, my dear, would be relatively simple to dampen. Most of
your body is human, due to your unique situation, one parent Klingon and
the other Human. Only a few of your organs would have to be masked, along
with a few…::he paused::...exterior features.

::T’Var snorted with amusement.::

HAASE: But I wouldn’t suggest sending...let’s say...Andorians on this
mission. That would be an extreme programming disaster. ::Adam laughed::

HELLING: How long do you think a dampening field like that would take to
adapt? Do you have enough data at the moment or will you require extra
scans of the planet, inhabitants, anything?

HAASE: Well, the information here is a little sketchy. According to the
Starfleet Colonization Database, this planet has only been approached by
two ships. Only one got close range scans, and no away teams were sent due
to the prime directive. Although...in my eyes this species looks smart
enough to achieve warp drive. Why they haven’t I do not know. But
unfortunately, I’m going to need us to take a direct orbit of the
planet...even if that means hiding around one of the poles...so that I can
get some more detailed information about this species. I can program the
shields to protect us from any of their satellite equipment, just in case.

HELLING: Could we get the appropriate data with a probe?

HAASE: ::Adam considered T’Var’s idea...but had to knock it down.:: I
would...but this type of data needs to be precise. A probe’s sensor range
is limited...and I don’t want to risk having to send anything down into the
atmosphere unless we absolutely have to. If need be, I’ll try to re-route
power through the ship’s aft couplings to allot the necessary power to the
sensor relays to get us extended range. But that would still require an
outer orbit.

HELLING: ::T’Var dropped her hands to her lap, twisting her fingers
together, thinking it over.:: I’m hesitant to bring the ship into an orbit
in which the inhabitants of Holonna could see us. But if we hide it over a
pole, as you suggested, we might be able to keep her undetected. Do you
think Fenelli could keep us out of their sight?

HAASE: ::Adam considered for a moment:: I’m sure she could...and, with the
shield modification I’ll implement, with the approval of Varaan of course,
their scanning technology will bounce right off of us...no detection
whatsoever. Of course, keeping us within a polar orbit will make sure that
we aren’t detected. As soon as we get those scans, I’ll begin to program
your dampeners. This all shouldn’t take more than 5 or 6 hours. ::Adam
wiped the metaphorical sweat from his forehead and smiled.:: Nice work!

HELLING: ::T’Var nodded slightly.:: Okay then. You’d better be ready with
your programing expertise. I want to get this done as quickly as we can.
In and out. Well, ::adding with a shrug.:: that’s if our commanding
officers approve this.

HAASE: Of course. ::Adam sighed. Such good ideas go to waste when the
commanding officers don’t approve. Perhaps mind control was an option….::
Let’s swing this by LtCmdr Townson. I’m sure that with all of the planning
we’ve done she’ll agree. In fact, I’ll replicate the dampeners now to show
her. I’ll demonstrate on myself...and you...if that’s okay. It’ll help her
to know that we worked on this collectively.

HELLING: That it will. ::Smiling,:: And you can demonstrate on me as long
as you promise not to kill me.

HAASE: ::smiling:: It’s a deal.

HELLING: ::T’Var laughed slightly.:: Let’s get to work.

((Engineering, USS Atlantis))

::Over the next couple of hours, Adam and T’Var slaved away at the
replicators and in front of computer screens. Everything must be planned
correctly...and planned correctly it was - down to the nanosecond. Diagrams
were drawn, schematics were archived. Laughter proceeded. Everything was
going as planned. The only thing left - approval.::

HAASE: So...do you think we’re ready to show what we’ve got?

HELLING: ::Hands on hips, looking over their work.:: I think so. We’ve
gone over every inch of this thing enough times. But you’re the engineer,
so if you with all your techie knowledge think it’s ready then it’s ready.

HAASE: Perfect. Here, mind holding these PADDs? ::Adam picked up what
seemed to be 20 PADDs and placed them into the arms of T’Var.:: Yes...we
need them all.

HELLING: ::The half Klingon laughed, trying not to drop them.:: oO Maybe
I’ll just throw one at him when he’s not looking. Oo ::She stopped,
narrowing her eyes at Adam in mocking disdain.:: Can you read my thoughts?

HAASE: Oh, yes. ::Adam picked up the test dampeners.:: And before we go I
think I will replicate a helmet. Don’t want one of those flying PADDs of
yours to knock me unconscious! ::Adam laughed::

HELLING: ::She laughed.:: Well at least you’re honest about it, it’s
Vulcan’s I don’t trust, ::whispering for effect.:: emotionless.

HAASE: Well they say that Vulcans have deep-seeded emotions, but coming
from a half-Klingon I can see as to how you might think that they are
emotionless. ::grinning:: But coming from a Betazoid who is trained in the
art of digging deep into the thoughts of others - let’s just say that I’ve
broken the emotion barrier in a few Vulcans, to say the least.

HELLING: ::Raising an interested eyebrow.:: Really, you must tell me what
you found. But lets walk, or I might just have to throw one of these at
you so I don’t drop the lot.

HAASE: Well, if that’s the case...then so be it! ::Grinning:: Let’s get a
move on.

To Be Continued...


((PART 2))

((USS Atlantis - Corridor to turbolift - Deck 11))

::Together they left engineering and walked down the corridor heading for the turbolift. T'Var clutching the PADDs haphazardly in her arms and Adam carefully holding the prototype.::

HELLING: ::Adjusting her hold on the various PADDs:: So tell me a bit about these Vulcan emotions.

HAASE: They are very, very deep. ::rubbing chin:: Although I don’t think I ever sensed happiness. I’ve sensed guilt...worry...stress...and sadness even, but I don’t think that I ever felt happiness. Must be really buried.

HELLING: They feel worry over happiness!? I thought being half Klingon was hard oO what with all the conflicting emotions. Oo but I'll take any day Klingon over Vulcan anyway.

HAASE: ::smiling:: I can understand that. But being Vulcan and not being clouded by any emotion might be helpful sometimes. But then again - not having any gut feelings might be a problem as well. I’m sure that your gut works perfectly, T’Var.

::Adam looks over to T’Var who is still slightly struggling to carry the PADDs::

HAASE: I’m sure those Klingon sense are all fired up and ready for action!

::T'Var thought back over all the times when her instinct had got her out of problems and how adrenaline always rushed through her just when she needed it.::

HELLING: ::Nodding in agreement.:: I guess you’re right there. But being half Klingon has got me into trouble more than most people. ::Smiling a little.:: Let's just say we Klingons, or half Klingons, have a bit of a temper.

HAASE: Oh, really? I couldn’t tell! I thought you were being nice when you threatened to throw a PADD at me. ::laughs:: Was that not what you intended?

::Adam was trying to make her aggravated with his sarcasm. It was always fun to play with a feisty Klingon::

HELLING: ::A cheeky smile playing round her lips:: It may have been a little bit of a joke but then, ::her eyes darted sideways to watch his reaction,:: you'd better be ready to duck, just in case.

::It was about then T'Var wondered if she would actually get away with throwing a PADD at him. But remembering that Adam might be reading her mind, she instantly tried hide those thought with others, it didn't work to well, the image of a PADD hitting the Betazoid's head was just too funny to block out.::

HAASE: ::Adam began to laugh:: I really should be scared! That image is a little gruesome, if you ask me! I had no idea you could throw so hard. ::Adam stopped and closed his eyes:: And why is there blood? Are you planning to kill me?

HELLING: ::T'Var laughed.:: It May briefly have crossed my mind. But don't worry, ::somehow she managed to maneuver one of her hands still clutching PADDs to pat him reassuringly on the shoulder.:: I've never killed anyone. ::The mischievous side of her rose again and she added.:: Well, not yet anyway.

HAASE: ::Adam pressed the button outside the turbolift, which opened, and both officer entered:: So, how do we plan to present this?

HELLING: ::Turning to Adam.:: Well how do you want to do it?

HAASE: I’m not going to come up with the plan! You’re Security chief! You should be the one who has tactics in mind. ::Adam grinned:: See what I did there? ::Adam always admired puns, especially when he created them::

HELLING: ::T'Var snorted with laughter.:: oO I think I'm rather growing to like this Betazoid. Oo Alright then. When we get up there I think we should tell Townson our idea, explain a little about how it would work, I'll give you that job since you’re the engineer. Then, if she asks to see how it works, which she probably will, we demonstrate the prototype.

HAASE: That sound’s like an appropriate plan. ::Adam look up, as if the computer was actually there:: Computer, Deck One.

::The humming of the turbolift ended the conversation, and both officers arrived, arms full, onto the bridge.::

((Bridge, USS Atlantis))

HAASE: After you, Lieutenant.

HELLING: Thank you, Lieutenant ::grinning.::

::T'Var left the turbolift, Adam just behind her and approached the Captain's chair where Commander Townson sat.::

HELLING: ::Slightly nervous, though she wasn't about to admit it to anyone. Spoke.:: Commander.

HELLING: ::T'Var glanced quickly at Adam, hoping, for the first time he was listening to her thoughts.:: oO Good luck, lets hope she likes it. Oo

HAASE: ::looking to T’Var, and back to LtCmdr. Townson:: We have something we’d like to show you. ::smiling.:: If you would, could you follow me to the conference room?

TOWNSON: response

((Briefing Room, USS Atlantis))

::As each officer entered the Briefing Room, Adam looked to T’Var to begin the explanation.::

::T'Var, for her part, leaned over the table and dropped the PADDs onto it letting them slide over each other like lava from a volcano. Looking up from the mess to Tracey, she began her explanation.::

HELLING: We were thinking about how to reach the Captain when we get to Holonna. Even though humans and the inhabitants of Holonna are virtual identical, if they have any type of sensor net, or something similar, scanning for anyone who is not of Holonna then any search and rescue party would stand out a mile. To keep us from being discovered in this eventuality, we came up with the idea of a personal dampening field which we can adapt to make us appear the same as the Holonna inhabitants.

TOWNSON: response

HELLING: We have a prototype with us. ::Nodding towards the device that sat on the table in front of Adam.:: As for how it would work, I'll let Adam....er... Lieutenant Haase explain that. He is after all the Engineer.

HAASE: Commander Townson, this device utilizes a dampening field to shield all known medical and scanning devices from detecting the actual organism. Let us say that I wanted Lieutenant Helling to be an Andorian. Simply program needed medical and physical data into the device, and activate it when necessary. These devices are powered by merely walking, so power is not a problem. Would you like a demonstration? ::Adam gestured towards T’Var, the PADDs, as well as the devices, all in one long, elegant swoop of the arm.::

TOWNSON: response

HELLING: It will affect both interior and exterior physiology.

TOWNSON: response

HELLING: Very well. ::T'Var picked up the prototype and offered it to Adam.:: Shall we?

HAASE: Of course, Lieutenant. ::Adam walked to the wall console, and accessed the small device on the table, while T’Var attached the small device to her ankle.:: Now, I will activate the device and transform Lieutenant Helling into...hmmm...how about a Gorn? ::Adam couldn’t help but giggle::

HELLING: ::Stifling a laugh herself:: Gorn sounds good to me.

HAASE: A Gorn it is!

::Adam accessed the console, and activated the device. Immediately, a royal blue light shown through the Lieutenant’s uniform, scanning her physiology for the smallest of deviances. Almost instantly afterwards, the transition began. Her feet became claw-like and green. Her outfit changed as well, and eventually the all-too-well-known Gorn appearance stood before them::

HAASE: If you would, Lieutenant. Please speak.

::Adam wanted to test and see if the syntax and vernacular database was in operation::

HELLING: ::T'Var knew what was about to happen but it still surprised her when her oddly transformed voice came out.:: This is the part that I find the most impressive.

::As soon as she spoke, the Gorn accent was clearly visible, and even words that Adam had never heard were pouring from the lips of the newly transformed Lieutenant Helling. Adam wanted to laugh, but this was a professional experiment. Adam walked over to LtCmdr Townson.::

HAASE: As you see, Commander, this not only physically changes the dampened officer, but also includes precise information from the speech database of the culture being replicated. Would you like to scan her?

::Adam figured that this would be the ultimate test - the test that would help to determine if this plane would succeed or fail. If she was indiscernible from a Gorn, then the plan worked.::

TOWNSON: response

HAASE: Yay! I mean, yes commander. We planned for every possible contingency. Do you have any questions? Perhaps you would like to be transformed yourself?

::T'Var found an uncontrollable smile spreading over her face. It had worked! It had actually worked. She'd hoped it would obviously but she had been worried that there would be a few discrepancies they'd overlooked. This, well this had worked better than anticipated or even hoped.::

TOWNSON: response

::Adam was about to take the PADDs out of the room when he realized that he had forgotten T’Var, who was speaking in quite an interesting Gorn accent::

HELLING: ::T'Var reached to help Adam pick up the PADDs and gave a start of surprise when she saw Gorn hands were where her own should be. She leaned close to Adam and spoke in a quiet voice so the acting captain wouldn't hear.:: Adam. Although being a Gorn is novel, I would much rather not make everyone on the bridge panic when they see a Gorn magically appear from the briefing room.

HAASE: Oh, Sorry Lieutenant. ::Adam hid the smirk that appeared on his face. He walked over to the controls and released her::

::T'Var waited as the young engineer moved to the console, tapped the controls and made her usual half Klingon visage appear once more.::

HELLING: Thanks. ::She sighed when she heard her restored voice. It was oddly pleasing being her again.::

HAASE: Well...let’s go place this stuff back in Engineering. I’ve a few slight modifications to make that will require the use of a Tactical officer. Would you mind helping out a little more?

HELLING: Of course. ::She nodded politely to Tracey as they left.::

HAASE: Thanks.

::Both officers made their way back down to engineering - where Lt. Helling was to enlighten Adam on the concept of advanced shielding and procedure.::

((USS Atlantis - Deck 11 - Engineering))

HELLING: ::Dumping the PADDs on a workbench and turning to Adam.:: Shall we start?

HAASE: Yes. Let’s begin. I’d like to add some safety equipment to these, just in case. You know - something always has to go wrong. ::Adam rolled his eyes and spoke to himself:: oO I thought that there were procedures on Away Missions - but it always seems that no one pays attention to them. I might as well add something to keep their butts safe Oo

HELLING: What sort of safety equipment were you think?

HAASE: Well, I was thinking about small portable shields. What do you think?

HELLING: I think you'd make a good tactical officer. ::Leaning over the prototype to examine it in closer detail.:: Due to it's size, the shield won't be the most powerful thing in the universe but if everyone on this mission has their own, it won't need to be. We just need something large enough for one person and strong enough with with stand phaser fire. It could also do with being fairly adaptive so it can stand up against a variety of frequencies.

HAASE: ::laughing:: You make it sound like we’re fighting the Borg! I would worry more about projectile objects, such as bullets, more than I would about varying phaser frequencies. According to the Colonization database, about half of the planet is rural, so unless we infiltrate their leader’s household, I would just focus on making the shield work. ::smiling:: But if you can make it adaptive and stronger, I invite you to do so.

HELLING: ::Chuckling.:: I guess I've spent too long training against more advanced species. ::More to herself than Adam.:: Maybe I should include a scenario like this at the next Security training. ::Turning her attention back to Adam.:: Okay, shall we begin?

HAASE: Of course. The first thing that we need to do is find a generator small enough to fit on the outside of the dampener. It must also not interfere with the dampener in any way. Any suggestions?

HELLING: ::Hesitating for a moment to think.:: Well the damping field works on a few specific frequencies. So as long as the shield doesn't work on or block those frequencies there should be no problems.

HAASE: ::nodding his head in agreement:: I believe so. But we also need to make sure that the shield doesn’t cause any malfunctions. The creation of the shield might potentially cause a shutdown of the dampener. What are the most common shield frequencies?

HELLING: Um.... ::she shuffled through the PADDs on the table.:: I think. Ahh here. ::She handed Adam a PADD filled with numbers and equations. Clicking through T'Var found the page she was looking for.:: These.

HAASE: Thanks. ::begins typing furiously on another PADD:: So, as long as we stay away from those frequencies and keep with this shield model, we should be fine. Does that make sense to you? Sometimes I only think things are right when I understand them…

HELLING: Yep, it makes sense to me. ::But T'Var's attention was elsewhere. With Adam's back turned her eyes had wandered to the pile of currently unused PADDs and a smile of mischievous glee was spreading over her face.::

::Biting her lip, T'Var glanced up at Adam as he typed away, back turned. Trying to force her mind to stay blank so as not to give the telepath any warning. T'Var reached carefully and quietly for a PADD. Careful not to use too much force, she didn't actually want to hurt him, T'Var launched the PADD towards the back of the new friend’s head.::

HAASE: ::Adam continued to type on the PADD, so engrossed that he was unaware of the mischievous act T’Var was planning. He had just finished and turned around when a PADD smacked him across the face:: Ah! What the frak was that? T’Var!

HELLING: ::Laughing:: I only torture my friends.

HAASE: Why do you torture friends? Isn’t saying “friend” supposed to mean that you’re going to be extra specially nice? ::rubbing face::

HELLING: ::She considered it for a moment, maybe she did have a slightly unusual relationship with her friends.:: Possibly, ::T’Var walked over to Adam and placed a friendly hand on his arm.:: But friendships come in a variety of different forms. Mine always seem to have a slight element of violence in them. oO That’s probably the Klingon in me. Oo

HAASE: I can definitely see that. ::Adam smiled:: Just try not to...you know...use that violence on my face again.

::Both officers started laughing, and soon enough the newly enhanced prototype was completed. Adam moaned inside, knowing that he should probably show his creation to Varaan, acting chief engineer. He sighed, and picked up the small device.::

HELLING: ::Looking to Adam with a smile.:: I think that’s everything.

HAASE: We have to show this to Lt. Varaan - just to make sure all department heads involved are in the loop. ::sigh:: But that means putting ourselves in the immediate line of fire of a scrutinizing Vulcan.

HELLING: The ‘not so emotionless’ Vulcans. I guess that’s the true final test, Vulcan approval.

HAASE: Yeah, but I feel like Vulcans do express one emotion. An emotion that we may not consider an emotion - but they use it so often that it’s just like one.

HELLING: ::Curiously:: What’s that?

HAASE: Are you ready for it? ::grinning::

HELLING: Tell me.

HAASE: ::starting to burst with laughter:: Criticism! ::Trying to talk while laughing:: If they’re happy, they criticise. If they’re sad, they criticise. It they’re upset, what do they do?

HELLING: Criticise

HAASE: Exactly! ::Adam looked to T’Var and stopped laughing:: And..::Adam’s smile faded from his face::....I guess it’s not that funny because you’re not laughing.

HELLING: ::She smiled.:: It’s not that. It’s…. I’ve enjoyed working on this with you.

HAASE: ::Adam looked to T’Var and smiled:: I’m glad we’ve had this time to...you know...connect. Just know this one thing -- no matter where we go, or what happens - I’ll never forget you.

HELLING: ::T’Var was touched, it’d been a long time since she’d made a friend like Adam.:: I doubt I’ll be able to forget you anytime soon either.

HAASE: ::Adam tried to hold back the tears that wanted so terribly to come forth. He forced a smile.:: Let’s go show this to Lieutenant Varaan.

HELLING: ::T’Var hesitated for a moment, then hugged Adam. Stepping back she met his eyes.:: Let’s go and show him.


Joint Post Brought To You By:

Lt.JG. Adam Haase

Engineering Officer

USS Atlantis



Lieutenant T’Var Helling

Chief of Security/Tactical

USS Atlantis


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