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JP: Captain Nugra & Lt Kaji - Escalation

Dizmim ChNilmani

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((USS Columbia - Outside Brek’s Office))

::Talia followed the Gorn out of their new FO’s office.::

Kaji: Sooo... there’s a party?

Nugra: ::Nodding:: Yes, there is a party. Columbia crew is invited.

Kaji: Well, I guess that’s us now, isn’t it! When is it? What’s the dress code?

Nugra: ::Checking PADD:: Looks like it already started. As it is a beach simulation on a holodeck, I assume the appropriate is…::confused:: beach clothes?

Kaji: :: looking over at him in his perfectly stiff and crisp uniform:: Please tell me you aren’t wearing that.

Nugra: ::sheepish:: I was planning on it.

Kaji: ::sighing:: Of course you were. Well, I’ve got my quarters assignment if you want to change there. You can replicate something to wear. Ben and Iria are still on the station, we haven’t gotten our stuff moved yet. ::murmuring to herself:: Hmm, he’d probably like the beach. Maybe I should call them and have them meet us there.

Nugra: I made sure that she had a commbadge registered on the station, so she should be easily reachable.

:: They walked in companionable silence. Talia was wishing she had some of her clothes aboard. She’d have to replicate something too. Then a thought occurred to her.::

Kaji: How did you not know I was coming aboard? Didn’t Iria tell you?

Nugra: I haven’t spoken to her since we left the Victory.

Kaji: Seriously, you guys need to work on your communication. You told her you were leaving right?

:: Nugra knew she had a point, but his daughter was still someone he was trying to get used too. He knew for a fact, she was a clinical psychopath without conscience and that the code instilled in to her by the Sisters of Conscience and Fidelity were the only reason she was able to function in public. A sort of high functioning psychopath. ::

Nugra: I know, but...there are still a bit of issues between us and she and I are still trying to figure out how to relate.

:: Kaji knew full well many of the issues as Nugra’s adopted daughter, Iria, lived and worked with her as Ben’s nanny. She probably knew the girl better than Nugra did by now. The arrangement was strange, she guessed, having a psychopath for her four-year-old’s nanny, but Iria adored Ben and took good care of him. Plus the fact that she was a fantastic bodyguard didn’t hurt. Several boarding actions against the Victory had prompted Kaji to ask Iria to stay with Ben full-time to ensure his safety.::

:: They’d reached her door and it opened for her easily. It was her first glimpse of her new home. The reason she already had the room assignment was she’d had to specially request it in her transfer acceptance. Having a son and a live-in nanny meant she needed three separate bedrooms, which was rare on a starship. This one seemed to be small, but cozy. The windows in the living room looked out, not onto space like her old quarters, but onto a beautiful arboretum. She gazed happily out for a moment before remembering her guest.::

:: Nugra stood uncomfortably at the door as Talia went in. ::

:: Kaji laughed when she saw him hovering awkwardly in the doorway.::

Kaji: Please, come in and make yourself comfortable. ::She said graciously as she chuckled.::

:: Nugra cautiously stepped in and looked around. Propriety screamed in his head, but Talia was his friend and it seemed he needed to change. ::

:: While he came in, she peeked through the doors around the apartment. Two of the bedrooms, small with a single bed in each, were on one side of the apartment, and a bathroom and the third bedroom were on the other side. The third had a double bed, but wasn’t much bigger than the others. Space was always at a premium in space, she thought humorously.::

::Nugra was still obviously uncomfortable, and Kaji realized he’d only been in her quarters one other time, and that hadn’t been under the best of circumstances. He’d come to inform her son of Kaji’s death...which had turned out to be untrue as he found out when he found her there in her room, quite alive. But that memory reminded her....she turned back to Nugra with a grin.::

:: His stiff, slightly guilty expression caught her off guard. She wondered, wickedly amused by the idea, if he thought she was going to strip and change right there in front of him. He was so darned appropriate all the time, she was often tempted to shock him just for the fun of it. But tonight there was a party and she wanted to get there before everyone left.::

Kaji: You know, maybe I don’t want to go to this thing with you. The last time I was supposed to go to a party with you, I ended up captured and replaced by a shapeshifter

Nugra: ::determined:: I’m not going to let you out of my sight, Talia. Never again will I let someone take you.

:: Nugra mentally kicked himself. That had come out stronger than he had meant. ::

::Her heart thudded, and she was suddenly speechless. She’d just been poking fun, hoping he’d lighten up. She hadn’t expected such a heartfelt reaction. She had to clear her throat before speaking, and even then it was a much quieter voice than usual.::

Kaji: Oh. Um...well, you can change in there, that’s Iria’s room. ::She pointed.:: And there’s the replicator to make something to wear.

:: She turned and went into the larger bedroom, and waited for the door to shut before leaning back against it heavily.::

oO Wow...what?? Oo

JP By…


Captain Nugra

Chief of Intelligence

USS Columbia, NCC-85279

FWPA '15 Facilitator

Captain's Council Magistrate




Lt Talia Kaji

USS Columbia
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