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USS Thunder-A races against time to recover missing ship

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LUXIS SYSYEM — Efforts continue on locating the USS Bronwyn.

At last report, USS Thunder-A (NCC-70606-A) was still searching for the missing starship. The original away team, consisting of Rear Admiral Toni Turner, Colonel Tyr Waltas, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker and others, had been rescued and were aboard the USS Bronwyn before the ship became trapped in a void. The effects of the planet making them revert to a more primitive state had been reversed once they returned to the ship.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the USS Bronwyn, Captain Frazier and crew were trying to decide what to do with the damaged shuttle and the equipment left behind, but the planet was not cooperating. The ash from a volcano made recovery by transporter difficult if not impossible.

As the Thunder continued their search, they surprisingly picked up a transmission from the missing starship, which seemed to be coming from right where they were, in their time. Spying the anomaly opening, Marine Captain Hella took the Thunder inside, in search of their missing shipmates.

Finding their quarry, the Thunder met up with the badly damaged Bronwyn and tied it to the Thunder via tractor beam. Both ships began the trek back through the anomaly. Reaching the other side, they were attacked by a ship which should not have existed: a ship from the Laudean Empire. Captain Frazier instantly knew that although they were in the right time in space, what was happening was not right. He made the decision to send the Thunder back into the anomaly, leaving the Bronwyn to sort things out with the attacking Laudeans while the Thunder returned to Jurassic Duronis to fix what had gone wrong.

The Thunder, having returned to the Jurassic period, set about retrieving or destroying the shuttle and any items left behind. Captain Frazier of the Bronwyn established communications with the Laudean ship, and he and Ambassador Vetri went over to find out more information. While they were on board the Laudean flagship, it was attacked by the flagship of the Ba’ku Empire, led astoundingly by Admiral Tyr Waltas.

The Laudean flagship was heavily damaged, and attempted communications with them were rebuffed. To add insult to injury, the Laudean orbital platforms opened up on the Ba’ku flagship, severely damaging it in the process. In a fit of rage and with the Bronwyn unable to stop it, the Ba’ku ship then rammed the Laudean warship, badly damaging her. Ba’ku troops under the command of an alternate version of Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, boarded the Laudean vessel and proceeded to kill everyone on board with the exception of Laudean Admiral Hajj Mustafa. They had precious little time to celebrate their victory, as both ships were slowly falling into the atmosphere…

On board the Thunder, with the away team on the ground to ascertain the best way to destroy the shuttle, the decision was made to try to contact their alter egos in the other timeline. Agreeing to a mind meld, Colonel Tyr Waltas mind melded with Lieutenant T’Mihn to send a message. The attempt was successful, and she was preparing to perform the same with Lt. Commander Parker.

On the surface, most personnel were tight lipped about the situation concerning the two starships, but one woman who lived at the Embassy by the name of Naloor, spoke about the situation.

“They are alive, struggling with what is going on,” she said. “They will prevail.”

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