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Funny things heard on the USS Gorkon

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Stoyer:  Ok, got one.   Would you rather have found the love of your life?  But during the day she is a hawk and during the night you are a wolf.  You can see each other briefly during sunrise and sunset.  Or never have loved at all?

"During the day she is a hawk" 🤣

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There was a gentle hiss, and a disgusting bit of brown discharge released from the clamps. Gnaxac moved his head slightly so that it didn’t drip on him. Despite the fact it looked delicious.


Squeezing his shoulder with a wrinkle and rosy smile, Doz disappeared and left Gnaxac alone with the forbidden chocolate lubricant. The temptation was oh so real, but he knew he didn’t want to spend any time in sickbay so he resisted…


Or did he?


Nancy Pelosi Matilda GIF

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Marshall: ::Quietly,:: I could probably clone Caedan from the amount of DNA he's left in my quarters over the years. 

Excuse me? ::blinks::

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This made me laugh devilishly, @Vylaa. How dare! But true. 😂


The zhen had no doubt of the truth of that statement.  She’d herd some of Doz’s stories.  And then heard more of Doz’s stories.

The human really liked to talk, more than most pinkskins…

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Laughed out loud at this, @Genkos Adea


Gnaxac: There was one time I woke up upside d-d-down in a loo…

And then laughed again at @Vylaa's response,


zh’Tisav: Woah!  Nevermind!  No toilet stories, I spend enough time changing diapers...


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