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Funny things heard on the USS Gorkon

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Gnaxac: Then there was that t-t-time we had to disguise ourselves as an alien race. I was b-b-blue myself for a while. It’s not easy, b-b-being blue.

zh’Tisav: Actually, I find it quite enjoyable.  You should try it with antennae, that’s the key.  It completes the ensemble.


@Genkos Adea @Vylaa Gnaxac should try this, for science. Then we can have the tallest and the smallest Andorian! 😄 

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Pretty sure i'll never forget this image of @Bryce Tagren-Quinn
 Thanks for It @Hutch



He patted at his flat belly as Loxley chuckled at the description of the ‘ecological menance’, his imagination randomly populating fields of cereal with dozens of munching Bryce’s as farmers tried to chase them away in vain.

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T'Lar: ::to Bendyn:: I am afraid I cannot stay. I have my meditation to attend to. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to Commander Sevo and Lieutenant... forgive me if I mispronounce, sh'Qynallahr?


Sevo: ::Ayiana smirked.:: It’s pronounced how it’s spelled.

@TLar @Ayiana Sevo 😄

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This wasn't a funny quote but I wanted to give a shout out because it truly evoked an emotional response. This scene between Thea and Rix was beautifully written and... goodness... 💔😢

@Quinn Reynolds & @Jo Marshall 👏


Thea: Too many people have— I’m not— ::The galaxy already thought she was dead. She couldn’t be the reason he died. He deserved to go on, and she was just a coward. Yet those words snagged in her throat.::  Please, I can’t lose you, too.


He opened his mouth to reply, the words ready to reassure her that she wouldn't lose him, he'd find a way out like he always did, while knowing in the back of his mind this would be the last time she'd see him alive. If she ever saw him again at all. In her eyes, he saw that same fear, the day he'd uprooted the Celestial Temple from its foundations to find her.


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This gave me a good chuckle, @Samira Neathler 😂


Neathler: It should still have two doses of painkiller in it. Just give it back when it’s empty.

Stoyer/Sevo: Response

It was her own. Even Staples never found out about it. And it wasn’t the new Skarbek’s medic, what was his name again Croaker or something, business. She’d only have to be on the lookout to scavage some of the medical supplies. She clenched her hands and opened them, standing with her back against the door, keeping it in its place.


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@Samira Neathler hehe 😁


Neathler: One of those spoons has a sweet tooth.

She pulled out the treasure and tossed each one a bar of candy. Something she hadn’t eaten in ages. After venturing in the rain and now underground, they might as well sacrifice themselves and treat them with something special, saving the spoons a visit to the dentist.


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@Tahna Meru & @Doz Finch 😂



Tahna glanced at Imul, then Gramma, and waved an arm toward the disruptors. As if they needed an invitation—Gramma looked like she’d been waiting decades to get her hands on one of these, her usually impassible body language betraying her only slightly. Imul, however, didn’t reach for a weapon, picking up the bottles of alcohol instead. 


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@Jo Marshall & @Genkos Adea 😄


Tagren-Quinn: I guess…

Croaker grimaced, holding back grunts of pain, as he took steps forward.

Tagren-Quinn: …we find a spot to squat and work and, uh, hope… ::Voice a little breathless.:: …we don’t get a warm welcome from our Cardie friends.

Marshall: It doesn't get… ::She huffed, hoisting her jacket by the arms.:: …any hotter than a disruptor.

Gnaxac let out a panicked squeal at the prospect, but took some of the Bajoran’s weight and helped manoeuvre the patient into an alcove.


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