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USS Gemini responds to distress call from remote planet

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GARRIDON SYSTEM – While en route to Starbase 118, the USS Gemini received a distress call from a very remote planet in a relatively unknown planetary system.

After finalizing their investigation of the Prometheus Station, and calling in reinforcements to take their place, the USS Gemini headed for home, Starbase 118. During their trip from Prometheus Station, an impromptu party was held wherein Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti presented Commander Liam Frost with an unexpected surprise from Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx. Nicholotti presented Frost with a fourth pip, officially promoting him to the rank of Captain. After giving a short speech and thanking his crew, Frost presented Ensign Randal Shayne with a gift as well. Shayne was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

As the party continued in the Gemini’s lounge, Frost and Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair were simultaneously called by the bridge crew. The two men quickly made their way to Frost’s Ready Room where a message call was played for them.

“Mayday Mayday Mayday. This is the Federation outpost Frontier on the fifth planet of the Garridon system, hailing the USS Gemini. Our research facility is facing extreme environmental disaster. A meteorological incident is occurring planet wide, and a massive storm front is inbound to our location,” said a very garbled voice which was later discovered to belong to Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston.

Weston had been temporarily reassigned and it seemed he was in need of help. Within minutes, Frost and Blair began recalling the crew of the Gemini. A Starfleet outpost was in trouble and the crew was determined to do whatever they could to help.

As the ship made its way closer to the planet, the crew began deciphering the message. The first thing they confirmed was the suspicion that the message was in fact from Weston. As they got ever closer, the crew started scanning the planet and discovered two things, the planet was in grave danger and due to the nature of the storms that almost covered the whole planet, the Gemini was unable to communicate with or even scan the surface.

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