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MSNPC Dajunari Zinera - Too much said?


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((Sick Bay "Ward" - SS Medina Ascending))

:: So things had become strange. The doctor who had come to nirs sick bay, knew more than nem, though ne not being a real doctor, that was not surprising. But it appeared to Dajunari that the Andorian was showing off. Or ne was simply paranoid because ne worried that the stories of Starfleet were true and they'd come to take over the ship and assimilate it into their 'culture'. Ne was careful, maybe paranoid, maybe a little too attached to these rooms, but the blue man had a point, when he had said, that both of them wanted to make sure that the crew got back to health. So ne decided to help, for now. ::

:: Ne had just told the Andorian Doctor what was wrong with the people. Or rather what ne did not know what was wrong. Days of attempted treatment and they were still sick. ::

Zinera: They got something against their sickness, the headaches, I used cleansing measures, bed rest, antibiotics..

Foster: I can see that on the scans. You did what should have worked. ::A frown, the obvious but unspoken question being 'ok, so why didn't it work?!'

Zinera: Mrm... ::Ne thought and hesitantly asked :: Is it possible, that it has any correlation to your questions about my health earlier?

Foster: Almost certain. I'm guessing the leak is causing widespread contamination of the atmosphere.

Zinera: What is that about?

Foster: Our ship did a full scan of the damages to your ship, and one thing they picked up was a sodium hydroxide and methane leak from your waste extraction system. In combination that's a deadly poison, especially in high concentrations.

Zinera: ::pulling nirs orange red brows together.:: Are you sure? I have not noticed a difference.

Foster: You said yourself the whole ship smells bad. It's a gas - you can't see it, can't hear it, and if everything stinks, a little extra smell won't ever be noticed.

:: The blue guy moved to the next bed and began to scan. For a moment the Kameryan realized that ne was envious of the technology the Andorian had. It was able to help people better, to see more of what was going on. But ne would not mention that. Maybe that was one of those perks Starfleet pulled other ships' crews into their grasp. ::

Zinera: If my tools did not notice it, you might need some of your things from your ship for it.

Foster: Quite possibly. I'll need to check in with them anyhow.

Zinera: Of course. :: Dajunari assumed that the Starfleeter would rather have privacy for this contact. Though ne would have preferred to hear what they had to say, in case something was wrong on here. :: I will be .. :: Ne thumbed towards the door.:: ... around unless you need me.

Foster: Yes, I can handle it myself if you need to go. ::a pause:: One question before you do, though.

Zinera: ::Dajunari had already begun to turn, but halted.:: Yes?

Foster: You have all these people getting sick - do you have anyone who has not gotten sick? Who you haven't treated at all?

Zinera: Actually... yes. Ras and Ab I haven't seen here. The Captain and his wife. Though I'm not sure if he would come here if he'd be bleeding out, proud man.

:: Dajurani was not sure if ne had said too much, but it had been the truth. If ne wanted that the crew got back up, ne had to cooperate. Maybe Ras and Ab had something in their bodies, that kept them from getting sick, which could help them then. ::

Foster: That is curious. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

Zinera: Alright. Just yell if you need anything. .oO Not that the communications work so there is no other way. Oo.

:: With that the Kameryan turned around and headed out of the ward. For some reason it made nem nervous to have told the Andorian that much and ne hoped that it was not something ne would regret later. ::


Dajunari Zinera
SS Medina Ascending

simmed by

Commander Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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